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A Review Of The American Standard Laurel Elongated Toilet Seat

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A Review of the American Standard Laurel Elongated Toilet Seat


Jacob Alston

Our home has been installed with American Standard toilets, and what better brand of toilet seats to use with these models than American Standard toilet seats as well. Since toilet seats receive more contact and are more constantly abused, it’s likely that they are the first ones to get damaged. And that’s exactly what happened with our toilet seats. So I browsed the net and I saw the American Standard Laurel Elongated Toilet Seat with Cover online, and it was a perfect match with our toilets that have elongated seats. Now I’m writing this review to share with the world everything I know and have to say about this model, and also as an advice to others who are in search of quality fixtures for their home.

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General Description This toilet seat is different than most other toilet seats because this is a wooden model. While most models are plastic, I think wooden models are better for use. I might be contradicting myself when I say that wood isn’t good with water and moisture can destroy the material, but American Standard toilet seats are very high-quality and so far, after several months of use, the seat is still fine, perfectly in good condition, and intact. There are no signs of damage whatsoever. The finish is very nice and glossy, and the surface is smooth and comfortable to sit on. It’s really a great buy and for the price, there’s absolutely nothing to regret with getting this model. Product Features The high-gloss molded wood seat has a size that’s quite difficult to find so getting this model will definitely make your search much easier. It’s a standard size for elongated toilets so even if your toilets aren’t American Standard, the seat will still perfectly fit your fixtures. The package also includes the complete set for installing the seat. There are bolts and dual-faced adhesive washers with the model so you won’t have any difficulties setting it up. You can use it immediately after getting it. Other Features The unit comes in various colors including white that has a clean and perfectly sharp look; linen for an off-white or light cream shade; bone for a more fleshy hue; and black for that eye-catching and long-lasting color. The white one is what I used for my home bathrooms because it’s a beautiful match for my green ceramic tiles and toilet. That’s also what’s good about the white color – any other color blends and matches with it beautifully and it also produces a very clean appearance. Conclusion I don’t usually make such a big deal out of fixtures, and to think about it, what is there to say? But after everything that I’ve already said, I finally found out that American Standard toilet seats are something worth talking about. And after getting the American Standard Laurel Elongated Toilet Seat with Cover, I’ve totally made up my mind and I’m definitely sticking with the brand. I hope you’ve decided as well and my whole recommendation is with this brand and model.

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