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Burgundy French Wines And Architecture}

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Burgundy – French Wines and Architecture


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Burgundy or Bourgogne is a historical region of Western Europe, most of which today lies in modern-day France. The history of Burgundy makes it an exciting place to explore. But it is the wines of this region that make Burgundy a popular region of France. Needless to say, there is a lot to explore here for the first time visitor. Try staying at the holiday properties in Burgundy if you want to spend a leisurely vacation here. Holiday rentals in Burgundy are plenty and you can choose to stay in any of the fantastic cities here.

The capital of Burgundy, Dijon is a 90-minute ride from Paris via the TGV train. The Dijon Burgundy Airport is also the easiest gateway to the place and you can choose to stay at a hotel, B&B or one of the exciting holiday properties in Burgundy. From Dijon one can take the Owl tour or visit the famous Fine Arts Museum. One can also take a boat trip on the Burgundy canal. Yet another place that makes Burgundy the famous place that it is, Chablis is famous across the globe for its wines. The region is primarily famous for three winesPinot Noir, Gambay and Chardonnay. A visit to wine-town Beaune is also a must.

The churches, cathedrals, chateaus, palaces, museums and medieval towns of Burgundy make it an architectural paradise. A historical tour of Burgundy would include the Fontenay Abbey, Auxerre town, and the Chateau of Bazoches. The place witnesses cold winters, summers warmer than the coast, and frequent rains and snowfall.

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For history buffs, a visit to Arcy-sur-Cure will be an unforgettable experience as they get to see the finest cave paintings the region has to offer. Plan a day out for the mineral water springs of the region, as the springs are known to have therapeutic properties.

Burgundy region is known for having the finest villages in France.Villages as Montreal and Flavigny-sur-Ozerain, which were fortified towns in middle ages, are sure to leave one awe struck with their architecture designs.

When in Burgundy plan a day out for visit to Flavigny village which has been listed as one of the most beautiful village in France.

The churches of St. Philiberts and Basilica Ste.Madeleine are considered as one of the best in the world. Known for its Romanesqe architecture St. Philiberts is the most visited church in Burgundy.

The museums of Burgundy are sure to grab your attention. Burgundy has something in store for everyone. From descriptions of fighter jets and motorbikes to finest collection of paintings in France, to the history of phonographs and radios, a visit to the museums of Burgundy is sure to leave you amazed.

Your journey of Burgundy is incomplete without a visit to Beaune, which is known, as wine capital of Burgundy.The annual wine auction at Beaune is the biggest such event in whole of France.

Vineyards as Pommard and Corton-charlemagne are famous among wine lovers and with numerous options available for a comfortable stay, you are sure to remember the vineyards of Beaune for long.

Burgundy is indeed a travel destination with authentic representation of French architecture at its best in the numerous museums of Burgundy, and one is sure to remember the visit to Burgundy for times to come.

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Burgundy – French Wines and Architecture}