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Review Of Carbonite Pro

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By Jason Kay

There is no doubt that online backup technology has taken over the market when it comes to an individual’s computer backup needs. By using online backup storage, you can protect all the valuable information and data that is on your desktop or laptop computer. This includes all documents, files, photos and even your valuable music library.

With this being said, Carbonite is one of the leading online backup companies in the industry. Customers have consistently raved about the valuable features that come with a Carbonite subscription. Because of their continued success, the creators behind Carbonite have now released an even better version of the software- Carbonite Pro. Let’s look at the new features of Carbonite Pro.

Numerous Computers

Carbonite users loved the original version of the program because it allowed them to backup an unlimited amount of data and information to the online storage database. This was so advantageous to users because a lot of the other online backup companies would only allow an individual to store a certain amount of stuff, depending on disk space. Now, Carbonite Pro not only allows an unlimited amount of data to be backed up, but it also allows you to back up an unlimited number of computers to one

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Carbonite Pro account.

While this new feature may not seem like a huge advantage to the person that uses a Carbonite Pro account at home, it has been extremely popular among businesses. Now business owners can purchase one inexpensive subscription from Carbonite Pro and backup every single computer in the office. Owners or managers can also manage all of these computers (and the data the hold) from the Carbonite Pro dashboard on one computer.

User-Friendly Interface

As if the original Carbonite program wasn’t easy enough to use, the creators have designed the new Carbonite Pro dashboard to cater to those who are not computer wizzes. Users can easily track how much backup space they are using at any given time and monitor all of the computers that they have linked to their account. Carbonite Pro does charge a different price for each subscription, depending on the space that all of your information and data requires. With this being said, Carbonite Pro allows new users to try to the program for free the first month to see how much disk space the will need to buy to protect everything on their computer. As mentioned before, this is easily tracked on the all-new dashboard.

Small Business Friendly

Small businesses are the biggest fans of Carbonite Pro. Because of the easy-to-use design and interface, businesses are not forced to hire a IT professional to manage their online storage needs. Anyone with a little computer knowledge can follow the steps that it takes to install and backup any computer (or all computers). It is important to note that users can even backup computers that are not at the business locations, like laptops that sales associates travel with. These computers can be added to the same subscription by just sending an e-mail to that particular computer.

As you can see, these are just a few of the great features that make Carbonite Pro even more valuable than the original Carbonite program.

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