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The Us Fish And Wildlife Service: Guardians Of Our Vibrant Ecosystem

History and Purpose

The History of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) spans across a rich journey of over 140 years. Officially established in 1940, this federal agency is an essential part of the U.S. Department of Interior dedicated to the conservation, protection, and enhancement of fish, wildlife, and plants, including their habitats. The core of this service is to ensure the healthy existence of these species for the continued benefit of the American people.

Operations and Activities

The operations of USFWS are distributed across various regions in the United States. It operates through diverse programs that cover an expansive range of initiatives, from endangered species protection to migratory bird conservation, and more. A significant part of their work involves managing the 150 million-acre National Wildlife Refuge System which comprises 562 refuges, thousands of small wetlands, and other special management areas.

Local Wildlife Rescue

A crucial part of the USFWS’s role involves working in cooperation with local, state, and tribal governments to conserve our wildlife and ecosystems. As part of these efforts, the USFWS often collaborates with local wildlife rescue organizations to help recover, rehabilitate, and release animals back into their natural habitats. These organizations are invaluable partners playing a pivotal role in rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife affected by natural disasters, habitat degradation, pollution, and other threats.

Enforcement of Wildlife Laws

USFWS plays a vital role in ensuring adherence to wildlife laws. It is the primary governmental agency overseeing the enforcement of the Endangered Species Act, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, the Marine Mammal Protection Act, and other federal wildlife laws. The agency’s law enforcement officers work relentlessly to investigate wildlife crimes, regulate wildlife trade, protect endangered species, and manage migratory birds.

Educational Initiatives

The USFWS is committed to educating the public about the importance of protecting and preserving our wildlife and natural ecosystems. Through various educational programs, initiatives, and partnerships, it aims to foster a sense of appreciation and responsibility for our wildlife among the American people. The goal is not just to safeguard our ecosystems but also to inspire future generations to carry the torch of conservation.


The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service embodies our collective responsibility towards the preservation of our vibrant ecosystems. Their work at a national level, and cooperation with local wildlife rescue organizations, underlines the intricacies of our natural world and the importance of every creature in maintaining the health of our planet. As global environmental concerns continue to mount, it is our shared duty to support these invaluable efforts in caring for the wildlife that graces our nation.


A Comprehensive Guide to the Ikea Kitchen Planner

If you’re redesigning your kitchen or building a new one from scratch, you’ll likely need to consider different lighting setups, colour combinations, appliances, and storage solutions. Making all these elements fit together can be challenging, but this is where the Ikea Kitchen Planner comes in handy. This tool offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of planning, allowing you to create a bespoke kitchen that suits your personal style and functional needs.

The Ikea Kitchen Planner is accessible online and requires a simple browser plug-in to be installed on your device. Once you’ve installed it, you can start from scratch or choose from a range of pre-designed kitchens to get you started. The planner can also help you if you are based and are specifically looking for a kitchen design Maitland-based solution. The tool is designed to be flexible and accommodate different styles and geographic requirements.

When you start using the planner, you’ll be given a blank canvas to add units, appliances, and accessories. The tool provides a 3D view of your kitchen area, enabling you to drag-and-drop components to see how they would look. You can also adjust sizes, swap out different designs, or change colors to match your preferred aesthetic. The planner gives you a true-to-life visualization, making it easier for you to make decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

The user-friendly nature of the Ikea Kitchen Planner means anyone can use it – not just professionals. It guides you step-by-step through the planning process, from the initial concept to the final design. With options like wall height, window placement, and the possibility to move doors and appliances around, you get the flexibility to personalize your unique kitchen space.

Working on a kitchen design Maitland-based projects, for instance, are made easy with the Ikea Kitchen Planner. Maitland kitchens, known for their blend of traditional and modern aesthetics, can be flawlessly captured using the customization options in the planner. While ensuring that your kitchen necessities can be easily accommodated, the planner equips you to create a space that resonates with local aesthetics and your personal style preference.

Another remarkable feature of the Ikea Kitchen Planner is the ‘Kitchen List’. This feature allows you to have an itemized list of every component you include in your design, along with their respective price. This real-time calculation ensures you stay within budget, providing an ongoing tally that lets you see how each design decision will impact your total project cost.

The tool also enables you to save your kitchen plans after every modification and revisit it anytime. This useful feature allows you to take your time in designing your kitchen, make deliberated changes, and proceed only when you are fully satisfied.

Once you’ve finalized your design, you can print out both your design and your list, making it easier for you to start bringing your dream kitchen to life. You can go straight to your nearest Ikea store armed with your comprehensive plans and shop with confidence and clarity.

The Ikea Kitchen Planner brings together simplicity, flexibility, and a detailed crafting process that makes kitchen designing a truly enjoyable experience. Regardless of whether you are opting for a kitchen design Maitland-inspired creation, a minimalist urban design, or an eclectic mix, this innovative tool provides the platform to execute your vision effortlessly and flawlessly.

Understanding The Pivotal Role Of The Post Office

A post office plays a crucial role in civic society, acting as a hub for communication, logistics, and even financial services. With its expansive network that covers the global landscape, the post office is an amalgamation of efficiency, security, and reliability. From sending personal mail, to providing vital business services, the offerings of the post office are vast and multifaceted. One of these offerings, integral to the functioning of the United States Postal Service (USPS), is the USPS return receipt.

The Inception and Evolution of the Post Office

Post offices began their journey during the Medieval times, where royal courts used the arrangement to facilitate official communication. Postmasters of yore handled missives, packages, money, and sometimes, confidential military commands. As civilization progressed, the mail system was opened up to the public, and with that, the post office was born.

In modern times, post offices have evolved dramatically. Contemporary services extend beyond mere letters and small parcels. Now, they include postal banking, rendering financial services, sale of literature and stationery, and many more services. Across the seas, in the United States, the USPS has modernized mail delivery to such an extent that it’s perfectly efficient, swift, and technologically advanced.

Introducing the USPS and the Return Receipt

The USPS is a fundamental component of the United States postal system. It is entrusted with the core responsibility of delivering mail and packages across the nation and beyond. In order to achieve this feat, the entity follows a meticulous approach and employs advanced tools, one of which includes the USPS return receipt.

A USPS return receipt provides confirmation of delivery or attempted delivery of a package or mail. It can be requested at the time of sending an item and provides evidence that the item was delivered, or an attempt was made to deliver it. This receipt is often used for legal, administrative, or personal reasons to prove that a particular package was delivered.

All About the USPS Return Receipt

The USPS return receipt can be availed for a minor fee at the time of mailing and provides confirmation of the delivery (including the recipient’s signature) and information about the recipient’s actual delivery address. You can request a return receipt either at the time of mailing or after the item has been sent, however, the latter option is only available for a select category of mail and packages.

Another cogent feature of the return receipt system is the electronic USPS return receipt. This variant allows customers to receive an emailed response that includes an image of the recipient’s signature. The electronic USPS return receipt offers greater convenience, better accessibility, and is viewed as a more environmentally friendly option compared to traditional paper receipts.

The Indispensability of USPS Return Receipt

Whether you’re a business ensuring the delivery of essential documents, an individual sending critical personal mail, or someone closely tracking a delivery, the USPS return receipt proves to be vital. It assures senders of the completion of their transactions, taunts legal credibility to their mail, and renders an edge of security to their actions.

In closing, the USPS return receipt and the post office as a whole have proven to be essential components of our society. Their functions range from the simplest act of communication to more complex services that contribute not only to individual lives but to the broader economy of the country as well. However, their constant stride towards advancement and providing effective services bodes well for future generations.

Forex Trading Tips For Successful Trading

Forex trading tips can help a trader make profits in the highly volatile forex market. In a sense, forex trading is like equity trading and a few bad decisions can lead to bankruptcy. Like share prices, the prices of currencies fluctuate frequently in either direction within a short span of time. Thus, a basic understanding of forex trading is essential before entering into the forex market.

Some Important Forex Trading Tips

Forex trading tipscan help you save a lot of time and money. Here are some of the most valuable tips one can get:

  • Know Yourself: Before executing a particular trade, define your risk tolerance and capital allocation for that trade. While selecting a trading style, ensure that your own financial objectives are met and risk tolerance levels are not exceeded.

  • Plan and Stick to It: Once you have decided your financial goals, define a timeframe and make a working plan for your forex trading career. Ensure that you have enough time to practice with a demo account before executing actual trades. Decide the amount of time you want to spend trading and whether you want to turn forex trading into a career. Once you have designed the plan, stick to it to determine whether your trading strategies are working.

  • Determine the Investment Amount: One of the most important forex trading tipsis to start with a small amount of money. You should gradually increase the investment capital as you start making profits. It is better not to pump more and more money in the initial stages of trading.

  • Restrain Emotions: Although traders might find it difficult to implement, they must refrain from letting excitement, euphoria, greed or panic affect their trading decisions. Emotions running lose is one of the reasons beginners are advised to trade with small amounts. Low emotional intensity and a logical approach are the best ways to conduct forex trading.

  • Choose The Right Broker: Ensure that your broker can help you meet your investment objectives. You can get a lot of information about a broker by checking his client profile and customer testimonials. You can read online forex broker reviews to get a broker who would suit your trading strategies and style. Your broker should also offer you some great forex trading tips.

  • Avoid adding to a losing position: Ignorance of this principle has been a cause for several disasters in the forex market history. Since one can never definitively say when the market trends will turn, adding to a losing position can raise your risk profile. offers a forex trading system that helps investors take out emotions from forex trading and make the best use of profit-making opportunities.

Remodel Your Inground Swimming Pool The Chicago Way

Remodel Your Inground Swimming Pool The Chicago Way


Cathy Newman

Aside from the fact that your pool can increase the value of your property, the pool itself can also be improved. Unlike other types of pools, in-ground pools are more versatile when it comes to shape and are less conspicuous in your backyard area. You can even maximize the benefits of your pool through a remodel project.

Before it becomes an eyesore, the pool should be renovated on a regular basis. However, before you decide to dive in to the remodel process, you have to remember some of the basics. You have to consider what kind of renovation you want to have for your pool.

Your options may vary depending on your lifestyle and the original design of your house. Some enhancements may work well for independent homeowners while some are for family settings. These enhancements may include water gardens, mosaics, fireplaces, alarm systems, light fixtures, fences, etc. Be sure that the enhancements you want for your pool are safe and attractive, but does not hurt your bank account.

There are many touches on pools Chicago

builders can add. Water features such as streams, waterfalls, fountains, water gardens or even ponds can be added to your pool. Fountains and waterfalls are two of the most common add-ons that many customers request to their pool builders.

There’s nothing about inground pools Chicago

contractors cannot do. Be sure you have communicated your design ideas well during consultations. You can even ask your contractor for photos of each stage of their work to give you an idea of the transformation of your pool. During the work, you are not expected to hover but to simply stay within calling distance so you can easily respond to worker’s inquiries.

Pool contractors can get you covered from the very first instance of consultation up to the post-completion care. Some of them even offer warranties depending on the service they have provided for your pool. The cost that the remodel inground swimming pool Chicago

contractors may charge varies depending on the service and the company they are working for. The cost may also vary depending on the season.

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Advent Calendars

By Mitch Jelly

History of Advent:

Advent began to be celebrated or followed in the fourth century, shortly after the first council of Nicaea dictated the Nicene Creed, wherein they tried to set forth their interpretation of the scriptures and how people should believe and what holidays they should have and when. The word advent means coming, as in the coming of Jesus Christ. Advent celebrates his first coming and looks forward to his second coming. The German Lutherans seem to be the first Christians to come up with the advent calendar, which started on December first and was used to count down the days to the birth of baby Jesus. In the beginning people would put a chalk mark on their door or the number of the day, others would light a new candle each day which symbolized the light of Christ ever shining.

Advent calendars were first made by hand, there are stories of families putting 24 candies on a board where children could take 1 candy off per day to count down the days to Christmas which celebrates the birth of Christ. Later, as with most things advent calendars became commercialized, when the first commercial calendar was made is a point of dispute, some saying it was made in 1902 others say 1908 by Gerhard Lang. Langs printing firm made calendars with pictures and then made little doors over them. Unfortunately his firm went out of business in the mid 1930s and the practice of using advent calendars seems to have died off during World War 2. Once the war was over a man named Richard Sellmer who lived in Stuttgart Germany started making the advent calendars once more. This time the market grew to much of the world, which also means several other companies now also produce advent calendars.

Modern Advent Calendars:

Most advent calendars have 24 little doors like the Wooden Santa Advent Calendar or even 24 drawers, in these drawers or behind the doors there can be a picture or a bible verse, something to do with the nativity, although more often today its just something to do with Santa and less to do with Christ. By using 24 days, you can start advent on December one and count down to the 24 which is Christmas Eve, although some calendars have 25 to make it to Christmas Day. The idea is to open the door with the number on it that corresponds to the date, behind the door is a picture that relates to the nativity or a phrase from the Bible that relates to the birth of Christ. There are some electronics like the Talking Advent Calendars with Nativity Scene which do both, as you open the door you hear about the ornament inside which relates to the Nativity scene as described in the Bible. Today calendars also have candy or chocolate inside them, which seems more directed at children or adults with a good sweet tooth, but since there is nothing relating to the birth of Christ, it seems these are more for just counting down the days till Christmas when Santa will bring presents, like the Santa and Tree Advent Calendar.

Community Advent Calendars:

Some communities get together and make large outdoor advent calendars for all to share in the count down. One of the most famous is set in a small town in Germany called Gengenbach, where they claim to have the largest outdoor advent calendar. The town hall has 24 windows and these are used as the 24 doors. Each year artists are selected to paint a scene on the windows and these are then unveiled each day. Some other towns have a traveling calendar in that windows are used on different buildings, so that you are traveling past 24 buildings looking at the window scenes, much as the wise men or shepherds traveled to see the birth of the baby Jesus.

About the Author: Mitch Jelly has been a writer for Christmas Decorations and Gifts for several years. Select to view

Christmas Decorations Ideas

. We also have a great selection of

Christian Gift Ideas.

Christian Gift Ideas.


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Plastic Surgery: Transforming Lives With Precision And Skill

In today’s world, plastic surgery has become increasingly popular as a means to enhance one’s appearance, correct physical imperfections, and boost self-confidence. The field of plastic surgery offers a wide range of procedures that can address various aesthetic concerns, from facial rejuvenation to body contouring. When considering plastic surgery, it is essential to seek the expertise of a qualified professional, such as the best plastic surgeon in Fort Worth, to ensure the best possible outcome.

The Art and Science of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a specialized medical field that focuses on restoring, enhancing, or altering the human body’s form and function. The term “plastic” in plastic surgery comes from the Greek word “plastikos,” meaning to mold or shape. However, contrary to popular belief, the term does not refer to the use of plastic materials.

Plastic surgeons undergo extensive training and education to develop exceptional skills and knowledge in surgical techniques. They are not only trained in surgical procedures but also possess a deep understanding of human anatomy, aesthetic principles, and the ability to create harmonious results.

Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures

Plastic surgery offers a range of procedures tailored to address different concerns and goals. Some of the most popular plastic surgery procedures include:

  1. Rhinoplasty: Commonly known as a nose job, rhinoplasty reshapes the nose to improve its function or enhance its appearance.
  2. Breast Augmentation: This procedure involves enhancing the size and shape of the breasts using implants or fat transfer techniques.
  3. Liposuction: A surgical procedure that removes excess fat deposits from various areas of the body to improve body contour.
  4. Facelift: A facelift can help combat signs of aging by lifting and tightening facial tissues, resulting in a more youthful appearance.
  5. Tummy Tuck: Also known as abdominoplasty, this procedure flattens the abdomen by removing excess fat and skin and tightening underlying muscles.

These procedures, along with many others, allow individuals to achieve their desired aesthetic goals and reshape specific areas of their bodies. However, it is crucial to emphasize that plastic surgery should always be approached with realistic expectations and a thorough understanding of the potential risks and benefits.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon

When considering any plastic surgery procedure, choosing the right plastic surgeon is of utmost importance. A skilled and experienced plastic surgeon can ensure a safe procedure and deliver optimal results. In Fort Worth, finding the best plastic surgeon is key to achieving one’s desired outcomes.

The best plastic surgeon in Fort Worth should possess several essential qualities. Firstly, they should be board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, which ensures they have undergone extensive training and met stringent standards. Additionally, they should have a proven track record of successful procedures and a strong reputation within the community.

Furthermore, a top plastic surgeon should have outstanding communication skills, actively listening to their patients’ desires, concerns, and motivations. They should provide thorough explanations of the surgical process, discuss realistic expectations, and ensure the patients are well-informed to make educated decisions.

Finally, the best plastic surgeon in Fort Worth should have a state-of-the-art facility equipped with the latest technology and adhere to the highest safety standards. This ensures that patients receive the best possible care and have access to innovative techniques for optimal results.

Transforming Lives with Precision and Skill

Plastic surgery, when performed by a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon, has the power to transform lives by enhancing both physical appearance and self-confidence. The best plastic surgeon in Fort Worth understands the nuances of each individual’s unique needs and strives to achieve the best possible outcome.

Whether you are considering a facial procedure, breast enhancement, body contouring, or any other plastic surgery procedure, it is essential to trust your desired transformation to the best plastic surgeon in Fort Worth. Their expertise and precision can help you achieve your aesthetic goals and ultimately improve your quality of life.

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E Cigarettes Vs Tobacco Dependence Study

August, 2015 byadmin

Electronic cigarettes (often referred to as “e-cigs”) have become increasingly popular over the past few years, but relatively few electronic cigarette scientific studies have been conducted to determine whether or not e-cigarettes are likely to produce a lower level of physical dependency than traditional cigarettes. A recent study spearheaded by Dr. Jonathan Foulds, Professor of Public Health Sciences at Penn State College of Medicine, has aimed to remedy this lack of publicly available scientific research by way of conducting an online survey of over 3,600 current and former smokers who now use e-cigarettes as an alternative nicotine delivery system. The study found that most current e-cigarette users actually feel “less addicted” to e-cigarettes than they did when using traditional tobacco cigarettes.

The survey indicated that although e-cigarette users may not have changed their overall amount of nicotine intake (24 tobacco cigarettes per day versus 24 e-cigarettes per day), they did experience a noticeable decrease in the amount of withdrawal symptoms that normally accompany smoking cessation, such as irritability and physical urges. Below are some other interesting data points that were mined from the study:

* E-cigarette users did not feel the need to vape right after they wake up in the morning, a sharp contrast to the typical early morning cigarette urge that most traditional tobacco users experience.

* Most e-cig users could now make it through an entire night without waking up in the middle of the night to satisfy a nicotine craving.

* Roughly two-thirds of the survey participants reported a major reduction in nicotine cravings once they switched to e-cigarettes.

* Only 25% of participants reported feeling any kind of anxiety, irritability or nervousness when they were not able to use their e-cigarette. This is a sharp contrast to the over 90% of traditional tobacco cigarette smokers who experienced these types of symptoms.

Although there has been quite a bit of speculation as to what exactly accounts for the difference in physical dependency symptoms between e-cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes, one of the most commonly accepted explanations is that e-cigarettes on average deliver less nicotine than traditional cigarettes. This is thought to help keep nicotine levels in users’ blood lower than what is typically experienced with tobacco cigarettes. The accessibility of e-cigarettes is also thought to be a factor; there is a certain amount of “craving buildup” that can happen when a person is not allowed to smoke in public facilities, which can sometimes lead to nicotine binges when they finally do get an opportunity to step outside and have a smoke. Since vaping is typically allowed in public places, users are better able to keep their nicotine cravings at bay.

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How To Start Your Own Nursing Agency, New Career

To compound the problem, within the next 5 to 10 years, over 76 million Baby Boomers are scheduled to retire from the workforce, with only about 44 million Generation X’ers available to pick up the slack. This will soon place unprecedented demands for services on a health system that is already stretched thin.

This shortage of allied healthcare professionals, especially nurses have a created a new boom to the nursing agency, nurse registry business, supplemental staffing agency for medical professionals, permanent placement medical recruiter, or starting a business in homecare and staffing pool. The medical staffing industry will continue to grow because of the upcoming baby boomers, and the current supply of nurses are dwindling. The average age for nurses are in the forties, and they are not being replaced by the new generations. Entrepreneurs have made lucrative business in nursing agency, nursing registry, homecare business, medical recruiter recruiting, or as independent nurse contractor in their own field.

The time is now for entrepreneurs to start a nursing agency,nursing registry business, operate a homecare business, or as a medical recruiter or just become an independent healthcare contractor. By being an independent healthcare contractor, you are bypassing the agency and are self employed. Healthcare facilities are the clients. Homecare are regulated by all levels of goverment from local to fedeal level. Homecare levels of regulations depends on the category of service provided to clients. Homecare services ranges from providing just companions or the more medically needed clients such as terminally ill clients. Homecare services can be in the form of social service, non-medical, and medical services.

Nursing Agency, Medical Recruiting and Healthcare Business are one of the most lucrative businesses that a single individual can venture into. Due to the alarming volume of nurse shortages, health care facilities are looking to Nurse Staffing Agencies to fill their short and long term needs. The need for nurses is so high that Nursing Agencies are opening up for business everyday.

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing sectors of business. As the shortage of qualified nurses becomes more pronounced, the need for Nursing Registries is growing faster then ever. Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Clinics, and doctors‘ offices are looking for alternatives to their staffing needs, and with the ever-increasing nursing shortage, you have the opportunity to start a successful business with limitless possibilities. Because of the baby boomers, which require increase medical assistance, and the shortage of medical professionals makes this profession to grow rapidly. How To Start Your Own Nursing Staffing Agency is a comprehensive guide on how to start a Nurse Agency, Nursing Registry, Nurse Staffing Agency, Healthcare Services, Homecare Services, Nursing Home, Medical Recruiting or become an Independent Nurse Contractor, Independent RN Contractor. You don’t have to be a nurse to start or establish your own Nurse Agency or Nurse Staffing Agency. All you need is our packages and the desire to be self employed. This is the only industry where there will always be a shortage. There is never a fear for competition. Get our packages now and you can be in business in less than a week. It is time for any ambitious person to tap into this multi billion dollar industry. So if you consider owning your own business as a way to: Work for yourself. Stop commuting. Work from home Spend more time with family. Be successful Gain more time and money Set your own hours. A nurse recruiter is a recruiter that finds qualified nurses to fill permanent positions in health care facilities for a RETAINED FEE usually 25 – 30% of the nurses annual income. see related site

Download Hotel Transylvania Movie | Full Length. Download Movie

Download Hotel Transylvania Movie | Full length. Download movie



Right after the release of Hotel Transylvania, adds it to its database so that fans of the Hotel Transylvania movie Download can it and enjoy at leisure. The website makes some changes to its layout and as of now, one can Download Hotel Transylvania movie and any other movies from this website within a very peHotel Transylvaniad of time, thanks to the recently added features. And obviously make you comments on movie you download on this site It takes nothing other than a computer system and an Internet connection to Download Hotel Transylvania online Also, there is no need to make any additional efforts to make movie Download from this website. Therefore, it saves one s time as well as efforts when one Hotel Transylvania movie download.

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