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Barware Takes The Strain Out Of Bartending

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Barware Takes the Strain Out of Bartending by Phoenix DelrayBartenders have relied on barware to help create alcoholic drinks for spirit lovers in the United States for hundreds of years. The occupation of bartender really began in this country in 1832 when Congress passed the Pioneer Inn and Travel Law, which made it legal for innkeepers to make fine spirits available to people without requiring them to spend a night at the inn. With this law, the bar scene was born, and barware would never be the same from there on out.What really helped the American tavern and its barware take off was the Revolutionary War. Immigrants from everywhere poured onto the shores, bringing with them their exotic drinks and the know how to mix them. The race to find and use the best of barware was now on. Everyone knows of the dozens of different types of glasses, the shakers, the knives and cutting boards for the fruit, the corkscrews, and lets not forget the towels that are used in bars and clubs. However, bartenders also use strainers, which get very little billing when it comes to outsiders thinking of the bar scene. Nevertheless, the strainer is a critical piece of equipment that a bartender knows he could not do his job without. Strainers of course strain the drinks, for example cocktails, so that pulp, pieces of ice, and fruit pits dont make their way into a patrons glass. Most barware is made of stainless steel to make them easy for the busy bartender to take care of. Stainless steel is used also because it will not fall victim to the acidic uses that a bartender uses, such as lemon and lime juice. Most bar strainers have a long handle attached to a flat spatula like paddle with prongs to help hold it to a glass. A coiled metal slinky like spring around the edge of the paddle keeps the strainer in place and will strain the liquid that passes through it, leaving behind the junk that no one likes to find in their otherwise smooth drink. The bartender holds it on top of the mixing glass, and strains the drink through as it pours into the serving glass.There are many bar strainers that are made in different sizes to fit into different glasses. The mixing glasses that are usually used are larger than the serving glasses, allowing plenty of room for mixing a drink. However, trying to wield a giant tumbler while working with a hand held strainer, pouring it into the serving glass, and then doing it 200 more times in a night sometimes has bartenders wishing that strainers were easier to use. There are many different kinds of strainers, but one that shows a lot of promise is one which is a barware mixer and cocktail shaker in one with straining holes at the top to strain drinks through. It can be stressful for a bartender to try to find a strainer (and the perfect one to fit the glass) and try to handle all the barware at the same time, sometimes even needing to find a good hole to strain through for smaller drinks and hiballs. The right strainer is a really useful piece of barware because it significantly minimizes stress, cuts the time it takes to make the drinks, and the frazzled bartender can make more drinks faster than using a traditional bar strainer. Barware today continues to advance, making the job of bartending easier, faster, and less stressful.For a look and more information on different barware, please check out our website.Article Source:

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NSA to participate in U.S. cybersecurity

NSA to participate in U.S. cybersecurity

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Obama administration has given the National Security Agency powers to screen private Internet traffic going to and from government sites, and will use AT&T telecommunications as a likely test site. The Obama administration remains firm in this decision, which was put forth during the Bush administration.

The agency defends military networks with a classified system named Tutelag, which decides how to handle malware intrusions (for example, whether to block them or to investigate more closely). “We absolutely intend to use the technical resources, the substantial ones, that NSA has,” said Janet Napolitano, Secretary of the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS). DHS’s intrusion detection program, Einstein version 3, is in development as version 2 is being deployed. The program defends all U.S. government agencies and departments.

DHS spokeswoman Amy Kudwa said, “We are moving forward in a way that protects privacy and civil liberties.”

AT&T, the chosen test site under Bush, sought assurance from the Obama administration to determine what elements of Einstein 3 to preserve. AT&T officials declined to comment.

In 2006 the Electronic Frontier Foundation filed the class action lawsuit Hepting v. AT&T—currently awaiting decision—against AT&T, which under the Bush administration permitted the NSA to look at domestic communications without a warrant. NSA’s intelligence gathering is limited only to foreign communications.

“We came away saying they have a lot of work in front of them to get this done right,” Ari Schwartz of the Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) said. “We’re looking forward to their next steps.”

Schwartz authored a letter on Einstein to the Office of Management and Budget in December 2008 on behalf of the Information Security and Privacy Advisory Board.

NSA director Keith B. Alexander said in April 2009 that the NSA will help, but does not want to take charge. Several people—including Rod Beckstrom, who resigned over the issue as head of the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC); Bruce Schneier of BT Counterpane; Leslie Harris, president and CEO of CDT—and not Dennis Blair, Director of National Intelligence—have urged the Obama administration to keep the Department of Homeland Security in charge despite its low scores, because, they claim, the NSA is a spy agency.

Deadly fire below US President’s Trump Tower residence

Deadly fire below US President’s Trump Tower residence

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

On Saturday, the Trump Tower, in Midtown, New York City, caught fire shortly before 18:00 EST (2200 UTC) on the 50th floor, claiming the life of a 67-year-old resident, Todd Brassner, who lived in apartment 50C. All other residents were evacuated without incident. During the fire, six firefighters received non-life-threatening burns and other minor injuries. Neither US President Donald Trump nor the First Family were in the building at the time of the fire.

The high-end Fifth Avenue address is the personal residence of President Donald Trump, whose family occupies the top three stories of the 58-story building. The US Secret Service maintains a constant security presence inside the building with the New York City Police Department guarding a hard perimeter, intended to stop vehicular attacks, and a soft perimeter, intended for on-foot attacks.

The four-alarm fire required 200 firemen, extra police, and paramedics. At 20:00 EST (0000 UTC Sunday), the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) declared the fire was under control. Trump tweeted, “Firemen (and women) did a great job. THANK YOU!” This is the second fire at Trump Tower since the election; previously on January 8, a fire was caused by an electrical malfunction in a cooling tower on the roof. Three FDNY firefighters received minor injuries, and all residents and office workers evacuated without incident on that occasion.

Trump Tower provides a number of unique problems never before encountered by the Secret Service. Never has a US President’s personal residence been inside a skyscraper or in a densely populated area like Midtown. The security measures have disrupted vehicular and pedestrian traffic requiring time consuming detours and delaying emergency response.

The New York Fire Code did not mandate sprinkler systems at the time Trump Tower was built in 1983, which might have reduced the size and severity of the fire had they been present. The 50th-floor apartment was, according to FDNY Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro, “[T]he apartment was virtually, entirely on fire.” The Secret Service monitors all the fire alarms in the building but it took time to find the source of the thick black smoke emanating from the fire. Secret Service Agents escorted the firefighters throughout the building, including the Trump residence.

Brassner, the sole casualty, was unconscious when firefighters pulled him out of apartment 50C. He was transported to Mount Sinai Roosevelt Hospital. Originally listed as critical, he was pronounced dead sometime during the night. Brassner, guitar collector, was acquainted with artist Andy Warhol and was acknowledged in Warhol’s 1989 autobiography, The Andy Warhol Diaries. The cause of the fire is unknown, with investigations into Brassner’s death and the emergency response ongoing. Currently, the Secret Service leads the investigation.

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Penske Auto selected to buy General Motors’ Saturn unit

Penske Auto selected to buy General Motors’ Saturn unit

Friday, June 5, 2009

General Motors Corporation (GM), an American automaker which has filed for bankruptcy protection, announced on Friday that the Penske Automotive Group (PAG) was selected to purchase Saturn Corporation. The transaction should be completed in October.

The purchase includes rights to the Saturn brand, its five current models and its dealership network. Two models would be discontinued, the Sky and Astra. GM would continue building the Aura sedan, the SUV’s, Vue and Outlook for at least two more years.

Saturn has 350 dealers across the United States. The dealers employ more than 13,000 jobs and sell only the Saturn autos. Canadian Saturn dealers are not included in the deal.

According to Penske future Saturn vehicles will be fuel economy focused. An expert indicated that this would move Saturn back to its roots of a entry level car company. PAG is in talks with several international automakers to replace GM after 2011. Automotive News reports that Renault Samsung Motors of Korea is the most likely candidate.

Penske wants Jill Lajdziak, Saturn’s general manager, and Tom LaSorda, former Chrysler President to head up the company when it is independent of GM.

Serra Automotive in Grand Blanc Township, Genesee County, Michigan, is in talks to take a partial ownership in a new Saturn lead by Penske.

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FEMA employees pose as fake reporters during press conference

FEMA employees pose as fake reporters during press conference
 Correction — September 10, 2013 The headline should not contain the word fake: the employees posed as reporters; they didn’t pose as fake reporters, on the contrary they were fake reporters posing as real reporters. We aopologize for the error. 

Friday, October 26, 2007

The United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is under fire after the agency held a fake press conference with fake news reporters in regards to individuals affected by the California wildfires and the assistance they could receive.

The agency called a press conference on Tuesday, giving the press only 15 minutes to show up. When many did not, FEMA brought in agency officials to pose as fake reporters and ask questions. The option for reporters to call into the conference was also available, but the ones who did call in only got to listen to the press conference, and could not ask questions. No reporters were actually present during the conference, parts of which were carried live on Fox News and MSNBC.

During the briefing, FEMA employees asked Deputy Administrator Harvey Johnson a series of what The New York Times called “decidedly friendly questions” such as “What type of commodities are you pledging to California?”, “What lessons learned from Katrina have been applied?” and “Are you happy with FEMA’s response so far?”. The briefing followed the format of a press conference, with FEMA’s press secretary at one point cautioning that he would allow just “two more questions”, then calling later for a “last question”. Officials who posed as fake reporters included the deputy director of public affairs Cindy Taylor and Director of External Affairs John “Pat” Philbin.

White House officials said that they do not condone FEMA’s actions and also state that they had no idea that the conference was taking place.

“FEMA has issued an apology, saying that they had an error in judgment when they were attempting to get out a lot of information to reporters, who were asking for answers to a variety of questions in regard to the wildfires in California. It’s not something I would have condoned. And they — I’m sure — will not do it again,” said Dana Perino, the White House’s press secretary in a statement.

FEMA apologizes for the mishap and says that their intentions were only to get the information to the citizens of California.

“[The purpose was] to get information out as soon as possible, and in trying to do so we made an error in judgment. Our intent was to provide useful information and be responsive to the many questions we have received. We can and must do better,” said Harvey E. Johnson, the agency’s vice administrator. “The real story — how well the response and recovery elements are working in this disaster — should not be lost because of how we tried to meet the needs of the media in distributing facts,” a FEMA statement said.

FEMA is currently deciding whether or not any officials should face punishment for the incident. One of the officials responsible, Pat Philbin, is going on to be the new head of public relations for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

This is not the first time that the Bush administration has come under fire for planting reporters at press conferences. In February of 2005, White House reporter Jeff Gannon was accused of being planted to ask softball questions to President Bush. FEMA itself had earlier undergone criticism during Hurricane Katrina for using disaster workers for public relations in 2005.

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Is Fifa Street Really Going To Make A Return In Fifa 18 This Year?}

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Is FIFA Street Really Going To Make A Return In FIFA 18 This Year?


Fawn Swanston

Its been little mo than four years ince ‘ FIFA Street game ame long. Unsurprisingly, its ne of t most wanted features n FIFA 18. The cult football title, whee gamers played five o ix-aside matches, championed winning wt style. Pulling off incredible tricks nd demonstrating flair as ‘ impotant as victory.

lus, hw usful was it t have Peter Crouch and Ronaldinho n the same team? Demand fo a ne’ vrsion as alredy reached fever pitch. Hundreds of fans h’v flocked to Reddit, demanding tat EA releases new game.


Yo cou…d play as Messi in the 2012 version of th game wich ditched cartoon graphics fr mo realistic players

YouTube Preview Image

One simply wrote: “We NEED this.” ‘ut ust ow lkely ees f it is that EA ill release reboot? A…though there ar rumours it cou… feature in FIFA 18, nothing a been verified yt. Stll, th ar a few promising signs.

Lat year a keen-eyed gamer spotted te FIFA Street servers ad been reactivated sparking rumours ‘ return ‘s imminent. He wrote: “Was having a bit of offline for nostalgia and noticed I connected to the EA servers. Went on the Xbox live part and sure enough it worked!” Altough a true reboot m’y not b whats n the way, some speculate the game my come to Xbox One vi’ their compatibility programme s well as th EA Vault. he concluding service gies gamers access t a library of olr EA titles fr 3.99 a month.


Winning was ‘s much ’bout style a it a…out goals fans will hope t returns fr FIFA 18

Prior t thi, there wer talks a Street reboot ould be a p’rt of an add-…n r DLC fr FIFA 17.

ne gamer wrote on Reddit: “Realistically with all the skill moves in FIFA yet, it could be the same game just with a smaller pitch. I remember FIFA 98 or 99 playing the indoor mode and it was amazing.”

owever, iven the focus on FIFA 18 and the Journey Season 2, ts may now be unlkely. Last FIFA Street was released in Mach 2012. ‘ather than playing n huge stadiums, matches ere smller affairs tking place around the wrld from the streets f Amsterdam to th beaches f Rio de Janeiro.


Te 2012 versin f FIFA Street as easily th mst refined

Gamers ould even create their own team, frm details sch as crest and team kit, t… players and teir individual street kits. E…sewhere, FIFA indoor mode as nother feature fans anted to see in FIFA 18 ‘lthough this may b unlikely. Please make it h’ppen again EA!

Thank o for reading ‘nd goo… luck in our next adventure soccer scores wor…d cup qualifying and ou an buy’FIFA 18 coins n our site that will help yo get more pleasant game journey ‘nd feel free to share YOUR thoughts wth us on the official forums o on Twitter @VirSale.

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Preparations for inaugural Bathurst International Motor Festival begin

Preparations for inaugural Bathurst International Motor Festival begin

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Bathurst Regional Council has begun preparing the Mount Panorama motor racing circuit for the inaugural Bathurst International Motorsport Festival (BIMF) to be held between April 13 and 16, 2006. The Mount Panorama motor racing circuit is considered to be the home of motorsport in Australia.

Council’s staff have been busy cleaning the facilities, erecting signage, checking pedestrian bridges and inspecting the track surface for the past few days.

The BIMF will be the first event to be held at the 6.2 kilometre circuit over Easter since 2000. In 2000, Event Management Specialists held the first motorcycle racing event since 1990, but due to EMS going bankrupt a short time after their 2000 event was ran and the inability of the then Bathurst City Council to find another promoter, the Easter event was canned.

The BIMF is inspired by the Festival of Speed and Goodwood Revival in the United Kingdom. The Bathurst Regional Council and event promoter Global Entertainment Team promise that the event “will cater for all motoring enthusiasts, collectors and historians”.

According to the BIMF website, the on-track program consists of:

  • Manufacturers showcasing their vehicles and track times
  • Historic touring car races
  • Aussie racing car races
  • Australian GT sports car
  • Parade laps by car clubs
  • Parade laps and races by “Legends of Motorsport”
  • Stunt car and bike events
  • Rally cars
  • Displays of cars from all eras of Mount Panorama’s history
  • The chance for patrons to purchase a ride around the circuit in a race car.

Off the track, the organisers have promised manufacturer displays, merchandise stands, music, joyflights, Off-road demonstrations and joyrides, autograph sessions and interviews with influential people in the Australian motor industry.

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Discovery docks with International Space Station

Discovery docks with International Space Station

Monday, December 11, 2006

The United States Space Shuttle Discovery docked with the International Space Station today at 5:12 p.m. ET. After a two-day journey, the space shuttle reached the space station for a week long stay to rewire the orbiting lab, install a new addition and rotate out a crew member. Astronaut Sunita “Suni” Williams will live for six months at the space lab, replacing German astronaut Thomas Reiter of the European Space Agency..

An hour earlier the orbiter did a slow back flip so that crew members at the international space station could photograph its mid section for any signs of liftoff damage. This has been a routine procedure since the Columbia tragedy in which the space shuttle Columbia sustained damage on liftoff leading to its disintegration in the atmosphere. There appeared to be no problems with the heat shield so commander Mark Polansky continued the docking process.

As the space station came into view of Discovery, Williams told Mission Control: “It’s beautiful.”

Mission Control responded: “I don’t know what kind of creature comforts you’re going to have, but you’re going to have a room with a view.”

A $11 million extension will be put into place on Tuesday during the first of the mission’s three spacewalks. Astronauts plan to rewire the space lab, switching it from a temporary power source to a permanent one, during the two other spacewalks.

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Computer glitch delays online tax filing in Canada

Computer glitch delays online tax filing in Canada

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Computer systems used by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for the handling of tax filing data for Canadians have been temporarily shutdown due to infrastructure problems.[1] A March 7 article in the Toronto Star[2] states that due to errors in the electronic filing system, Canada Revenue Agency will be unable to accept any tax filings electronically or corrections to prior filings.

A fact sheet from the CRA [3] states that “until the problem is resolved, we cannot process returns filed on paper, or returns filed electronically before the system interruption. Refunds will be delayed until processing is resumed”.

A check of the taxing authority’s website[4] regarding the issue states “We have temporarily shut down public access to electronic services to ensure the integrity of taxpayer information.” and that “We have now traced the source of the problem to software maintenance conducted on March 4, 2007. We are currently working to bring all systems back online gradually.”

A CRA press release dated March 6 [5] states “Commissioner of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Michel Dorais today instructed some computer applications related to personal income tax filing to be temporarily halted.” he also said, “there is no indication that this situation was caused by intrusion, hacking, or computer virus”. Further, “These applications include online services like Efile, Netfile, and My Account. Mr. Dorais said that he instructed that this preventative measure be taken following indications that CRA computer systems have run into infrastructure problems. In order to safeguard existing systems and to maintain the integrity of CRA’s taxpayer information holdings, Mr Dorais ordered tax filing processes halted.”

An article in The Globe and Mail [6] states that taxpayers “can wait for Netfile to return to service, or they can print their returns and mail them to the CRA”, which will be processed when the computer glitch is resolved.

The deadline for Canadians to submit tax returns is April 30. The CRA indicates it is too soon to speculate on whether the filing deadline will be extended. They expect to restore all services, including EFile and Netfile, well in advance of the filing deadline.[7]

The shutdown also affects third-party companies that prepare tax returns and electronically file the data using the EFile facility on behalf of clients. According to the CRA, millions of individual Canadians use the Netfile service each year.

The Agency will provide updates daily to the media until the situation is resolved.

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