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Farming And Ranching In Colorado

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Colorado, known as the Centennial State became part of the Union in 1876. It boasts of being the 8th largest state geographically and has the largest peak in the Rocky Mountains. Yet, where Colorado also excels is in its production of food. In farming and ranching, the state remains a steady producer. Unfortunately, drought and hard times may result in farms and ranches for sale. In Colorado, however, farmers and ranchers are still striving to do what they do best for less than they deserve – keep Colorado and its residents, as well as those from other states, fed.


In 2012, Colorado had 36,300 ranches and farms. The average size of these was 862 Acres. Some of them are the property of independent farmers who have held the land in their families for acres and John Malone.

Farms and Crops

What you grow is determined by the location of the farm. If you are located in the east and east-central plains, the farm most likely produces beans, grains, sugar beets and potatoes. Other crops include:

  • Grains e.g. wheat, barley, proso millet corn hay, sorghum – Arkansas Valley and Western Slope
  • Peaches – Arkansas Valley
  • Various fruits e.g. tart cherries, apples- Western Slope

In addition to these, Colorado grows roses and a variety of vegetables for markets. Consistently, Colorado ranks high compared to other states as a producer.


While Colorado has a history of farms, it is better known for its ranches. When it comes to cattle, this state has the seventh-largest cattle herd in the United States. In fact, the ranching industry accounts for around 50 percent of Colorado’s total agricultural sales.

Ranches for Sale in Colorado

Ranches for sale in Colorado are a sign of the times. While many farmers and ranchers continue to tough it out in hard times, many cannot succeed in this rough business. While some may turn their place into a working Dude Ranch, others decide it is time to leave. This can provide you with the chance to see if you have what it takes to be a successful Colorado farmer or rancher.

U.S. helicopter crash in Iraq kills 7

U.S. helicopter crash in Iraq kills 7

Thursday, February 8, 2007

A CH-46 Sea Knight helicopter crashed in the Al-Anbar province of Iraq approximately 20 miles outside of Baghdad on Monday. The helicopter was carrying seven passengers and crew at the time of the crash. No survivors were reported at the site.

Major General William B. Caldwell, a spokesman for the U.S. military told reporters in Baghdad , “A quick-reaction force is on site and the investigation is going on as we speak.” He did not specify whether mechanical failure or ground fire had brought it down.

Witnesses at the crash site report seeing gunfire from the ground. The Islamic State of Iraq, an umbrella group of several Sunni insurgent groups, including Al-Qaeda in Iraq, has claimed responsibility for the attack, saying one of its “air defense brigades” had shot it down.

Including Wednesday’s most recent attack, the U.S. military has suffered five such helicopters crashes, resulting in the loss of 28 servicemen in the past 3 weeks. Since May 2003 the U.S. has lost 55 helicopters to mechanical failure and being shot down.

At the time of the crash the helicopter was conducting “routine operations”.

In response to recent losses the U.S. military has begun to implement new changes in flight operations. Although they would not stipulate the exact changes, General Caldwell insured the military was “making adjustments in our tactics and techniques and procedures as to how we employ our helicopters”.

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Canada confirms fifth case of Mad Cow Disease

Canada confirms fifth case of Mad Cow Disease

Monday, April 17, 2006

Canada‘s Food Inspection Agency has confirmed that a cow in British Columbia, Canada, tested positive for bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or “mad cow disease”. Officials announced on Friday that initial tests done on the purebred six-year-old dairy Holstein had come back inconclusive. The cow was found in Fraser Valley, a farming community near Vancouver, British Columbia.

Officials also say that the beef supply is safe because none of the infected cows had made it to the human food chain. “This finding does not affect the safety of Canadian beef. Tissues in which BSE is known to concentrate in infected animals are removed from all cattle slaughtered in Canada for domestic and international human consumption. No part of this animal entered the human food or animal feed systems,” said agency officials in a statement on Sunday.

“This animal, a six-year-old dairy cow, developed BSE after the implementation of Canada’s feed ban. Investigators will pay particular attention to the feed to which the animal may have been exposed early in its life, when cattle are most susceptible to BSE. The CFIA is collecting records of feed purchased by and used on the animal’s birth farm,” the statement continued.

However, the United States does not believe a ban on Canadian beef will come immediately. “Information gathered through this investigation will help us to determine what, if any, impact this should have on our beef and live cattle trade with Canada. Based on the information currently available, I do not anticipate a change in the status of our trade,” said U.S. Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns.

This is Canada’s fifth confirmed case of the disease since May 2003, and officials have tested more than 100,000 cows since the first case of the disease turned up in Alberta. This is the second cow to test positive for the disease this year.

At least 150 people worldwide have died from eating beef contaminated with the variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, a nerve disease that is usually fatal. Most of the deaths occurred in the United Kingdom.

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University of Southern California spit test predicts cavities

University of Southern California spit test predicts cavities

Monday, February 21, 2005

Los Angeles, California —A simple saliva test can predict whether children will get cavities, how many cavities they will get and which teeth are most vulnerable.

Developed by researchers at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, the test quantifies the genetic component of tooth decay, spotting the risk when something can be done about it.

“When we apply this to young children, it allows us to predict what might be their future caries history—the number of cavities that they’ll get by, say, their late 20s or early 30s,” says researcher Paul Denny.

Called the Caries Assessment and Risk Evaluation (CARE) test, the test measures the relative proportions in saliva of different types of sugar chains called oligosaccharides. The same sugar chains are present on tooth surfaces.

The effect of sugar chains on teeth’s resistance to disease is analogous to the effect of “good” and “bad” cholesterol on blood vessels. “Good” sugar chains tend to repel bacteria that cause cavities while “bad” allow bacteria to bond to teeth and start the decay process. Unlike cholesterol, however, sugar chain makeup in humans is 100% genetically determined.

Denny and colleagues have found that the sugar chain makeup in saliva can predict a child’s future cavity history to plus or minus one cavity with greater than 98% confidence.

The findings suggest that in developed areas of the modern era genes play a more significant role in tooth decay than in former times or third world nations where gross malnutrition and negligent oral hygiene held the greatest impact on dental health.


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The Onion: An interview with ‘America’s Finest News Source’

The Onion: An interview with ‘America’s Finest News Source’

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Despite the hopes of many University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW) students, The Onion was not named after their student center. “People always ask questions about where the name The Onion came from,” said President Sean Mills in an interview with David Shankbone, “and when I recently asked Tim Keck, who was one of the founders, he told me the name—I’ve never heard this story about ‘see you at the un-yun’—he said it was literally that his Uncle said he should call it The Onion when he saw him and Chris Johnson eating an onion sandwich. They had literally just cut up the onion and put it on bread.” According to Editorial Manager Chet Clem, their food budget was so low when they started the paper that they were down to white bread and onions.

Long before The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, Heck and Johnson envisioned a publication that would parody the news—and news reporting—when they were students at UW in 1988. Since its inception, The Onion has become a veritable news parody empire, with a print edition, a website that drew 5,000,000 unique visitors in the month of October, personal ads, a 24 hour news network, podcasts, and a recently launched world atlas called Our Dumb World. Al Gore and General Tommy Franks casually rattle off their favorite headlines (Gore’s was when The Onion reported he and Tipper were having the best sex of their lives after his 2000 Electoral College defeat). Many of their writers have gone on to wield great influence on Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert‘s news parody shows.

And we are sorry to break the news to all you amateur headline writers: your submissions do not even get read.

Below is David Shankbone’s interview with Chet Clem and Sean Mills about the news empire that has become The Onion.

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Wikinews interviews Joe Schriner, Independent U.S. presidential candidate

Wikinews interviews Joe Schriner, Independent U.S. presidential candidate

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Journalist, counselor, painter, and US 2012 Presidential candidate Joe Schriner of Cleveland, Ohio took some time to discuss his campaign with Wikinews in an interview.

Schriner previously ran for president in 2000, 2004, and 2008, but failed to gain much traction in the races. He announced his candidacy for the 2012 race immediately following the 2008 election. Schriner refers to himself as the “Average Joe” candidate, and advocates a pro-life and pro-environmentalist platform. He has been the subject of numerous newspaper articles, and has published public policy papers exploring solutions to American issues.

Wikinews reporter William Saturn? talks with Schriner and discusses his campaign.

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Online Shopping Easiest Way To Purchase Jewelers

Submitted by: Asheema Sharma

Since, many years, jewelers have been the favorite of women. Women normally wear jewelers in order to make their selves look attractive and stylish. They have many options to select like engagement and wedding rings. Fashion jewellery is one of the most popular jewellery that is preferred because of its style and elegance. Fashion jewellery can be compared to the luxurious custom made jewellery. There are 3 factors which every person considers when purchasing the jewellery; design, cost and quality. The decision of purchase totally depends on these 3 factors.

Today, jewellery is on the top of the fashion list. Jewellery designers know that jewellery lovers are looking out for those that are innovative, elite and unique and are coming up with new and attractive collections of wedding bands and many other things to attract the people.

YouTube Preview Image

Due to the lack of time, many people are buying the jewellery online and all the jewellery stores are becoming much popular day by day. There are many advantages of purchasing jewellery online. The convenience and the time factor are the major advantages of getting the jewellery online. There is always a lot in store for you to select the best from the huge varieties of jewellery. You can also get it cleaned from the stores. They clean and polish your diamond jewellery for free. It is always the best to purchase jewellery online as the rates are much cheaper than the neighborhood jeweler s stores. You can have it just with few clicks of the mouse.

There are many online jewellery stores that provide various facilities to their customers. The online shopping also delivers the orders on time. There is always a lot in store for you to select the best from the huge varieties of jewellery. One should ensure that he or she knows the delivery process and the details of shipping that the online jewellery store provides.

In case of shipping, you should check if the delivery service is licensed one or not. Buying diamond engagement ring online is always wonderful excitement with a bit of high expense. The positive thing about the online stores is that the stores are available all the days. They work 24×7. Jewellery is on the top of the fashion list. It is a lucky thing for all those who have internet at home, office or both. In most of the cases, online stores also have money back option. The online shopping also delivers the orders on time. There is always a lot in store for you to select the best from the huge varieties of jewellery. You can also get it cleaned from the stores. They clean and polish your diamond jewellery for free. It is always the best to purchase jewellery online as the rates are much cheaper than the neighborhood jeweler s stores. Few of the top most jewellery stores include Stylish, Tiffany, Blue Nile, QVC, Amazon, Super Jeweler, Angela and BijouxNYC. This is the list given to make your shopping easy.

About the Author: Asheema Sharma is a professional article writer who has written number of articles on gold chain. You can check

for her latest article on diamond wedding ring.


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ACLU President Strossen on religion, drugs, guns and impeaching George Bush

ACLU President Strossen on religion, drugs, guns and impeaching George Bush

Tuesday, October 30, 2007File:Nadine Strossen 5 by David Shankbone.jpg

There are few organizations in the United States that elicit a stronger emotional response than the American Civil Liberties Union, whose stated goal is “to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States”. Those people include gays, Nazis, women seeking abortion, gun owners, SPAM mailers and drug users. People who are often not popular with various segments of the public. The ACLU’s philosophy is not that it agrees or disagrees with any of these people and the choices that they make, but that they have personal liberties that must not be trampled upon.

In Wikinews reporter David Shankbone’s interview with the President of the ACLU, Nadine Strossen, he wanted to cover some basic ground on the ACLU’s beliefs. Perhaps the area where they are most misunderstood or have their beliefs most misrepresented is their feelings about religion in the public sphere. The ACLU categorically does not want to see religion disappear from schools or in the public forum; but they do not want to see government advocacy of any particular religion. Thus, former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore’s placement of a ten ton monument to the Ten Commandments outside the courthouse is strenuously opposed; but “Lone Ranger of the Manger” Rita Warren’s placement of nativity scenes in public parks is vigorously defended. In the interview, Strossen talks about how certain politicians and televangelists purposefully misstate the law and the ACLU’s work in order to raise funds for their campaigns.

David Shankbone’s discussion with Strossen touches upon many of the ACLU’s hot button issues: religion, Second Amendment rights, drug liberalization, “partial-birth abortion” and whether or not George W. Bush should be impeached. It may surprise the reader that many ideas people have about the most visible of America’s civil libertarian organizations are not factually correct and that the ACLU often works closely with many of the organizations people think despise its existence.

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Social Marketing Firm Facebook Advertising And Marketing: Beginning An Internet Organization

Submitted by: Amie Borkin

Facebook Advertising and marketing: Beginning An internet Enterprise

The newest craze in the web nowadays is joining 1 from the several communal networking internet websites. Right here, you might be equipped to help keep in contact together with your ancient mates at the same time as your family and you also may even find a way to generate new close friends in addition as meet new people. With social networking sites, you’ll see that it is going to make the globe a smaller site.

A single communal networking site that is certainly so popular among many people from all above the planet is Facebook. In such a website, you might be capable of post your photos, discuss your pursuits and hobbies as well as do other great issues.

Inside previous, Fb was restricted to Harvard University college students. In time, it expanded to other universities and universities until finally it grew to become readily available for everyone over the age of thirteen from different components in the globe.

Presently, the Fb web site now has greater than 62 million energetic end users throughout the world.

YouTube Preview Image

Now, if you have a web-based company, you might see that Facebook can significantly allow you to promote your site and your business. Facebook marketing and advertising is now a single of your hottest traits amongst on the net entrepreneurs today. Just consider it, with over 62 million active people globally, you’ll surely use a lot of possible customers to perform organization with.

Since in the level of folks joining Facebook, a lot of online business homeowners at the moment are joining this interpersonal networking web site so as to market place their goods or services. With Fb, you can certainly be able to effectively current market your site.

The great thing about Fb right now is that everyone will now have the option to be a part of it. No matter whether you happen to be a faculty pupil or you happen to be an entrepreneur looking for your market market place, Fb may be the spot which you ought to visit.

In reality, Facebook is now extremely common that it really is now committing a great deal of money for promotion in order to entice additional people today to be a part of. With this kind of bonus, you are going to see the potential on what your business can have.

Facebook likewise as other communal networking internet websites at the moment are just starting to find out its total prospective.

These days, you’ll see that Facebook has now launched its Fb Ads technique that could let you as well as other fellow business owners to formally promote your products and companies. You’ve got to contemplate the actual fact that individuals are three to five periods far more seemingly invest in a selected merchandise if their friends propose it. When you promote in Fb, you might be in a position to increase your income.

Fb is now quite well-known that it now contains ads for major organizations, which include Microsoft, Coca-Cola and other companies.

So, if you happen to be contemplating about advertising and marketing on the web for your corporation so you would like to enhance your company’s revenue, then you might need to try out out Fb. Right here, you might be in a position to increase the marketing potential on your company. Also, you will be capable of attain out to a lot more folks at the same time as get a area of interest market place to your products and providers.

So, in the event you believe that internet advertising or advertising will not be operating for you, you could would like to check out out advertising and marketing on Facebook. Here, you might be in a position to see how successful marketing and advertising is by using this one in every of a variety social networking web page and also you will be capable of increase your sales.

About the Author: We are a full service social media consultancy, committed to helping connect our clients to new customers.Looking For A

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committed to helping connect our clients to new customers within the most effective resources available.


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Volunteers and food needed for flooded Manitoba, Canada

Volunteers and food needed for flooded Manitoba, Canada

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Local municipal and provincial volunteers in Manitoba, Canada are exhausted in their efforts to divert the rising waters of the Red River of the North.

It has been hard work with little sleep for the residents who live on the shores of the Red River to shore up their defences with sandbags, build dikes, clear frozen culverts and break ice jams

Volunteers to spell relief for local volunteers and food are desperately needed.

“It’s a week now we’ve been doing this … you’re talking four, five, six public works guys. In my one community we’ve got 25 volunteer firefighters and those guys have been going 24/7, so of course it’s wearing them down.” said Paul Guyader, Manitoba’s emergency measures coordinator.

“We’re dealing with one of the biggest floods the province has ever seen,” said Steve Strang, mayor of St. Clements, Manitoba “We’ve put out hundreds of thousands of bags already. The municipalities are working very well, we’re working with the provincial government, we’ve brought in every possible resource we could to address this issue. The volunteerism within the community has been phenomenal.”

The Portage Diversion has taken some spring waters from the Assiniboine River and diverted the flow to Lake Manitoba.

Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation has been totally evacuated, as well as many homes near the Canada – United States border.

The cold weather is freezing the ice jams into place. Guyader has had 2 Amphibex Excavators operating on the river breaking up ice.

The Red River is right now 16.7 feet (5 metres) above spring ice conditions. The Red River Floodway gates cannot be opened with the current ice jams.

“If we operate now, we can get ice jamming going into the floodway, jamming up against the St. Mary’s bridge, as such, the floodway capacity would be reduced and would cause higher water levels in the city of Winnipeg.” said Steve Topping, Manitoba Water Stewardship spokesman

The floodway was constructed in 1968 following the 1950 flood to divert the overflow spring flooding waters of the Red River. The floodway has been widened the since the 1997 “flood of the century” and the expansion is expected to be completed this spring. As well Manitoba built permanent dikes around communities within the flood plain since the last two major floods..

The Red River waters will crest between the beginning of April to mid April, at which time also the weather should be warming up. Communities are bracing for higher water levels, more ice jams as well as melting snow in the warmer spring temperatures.

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