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Bluetongue outbreak in Germany

Bluetongue outbreak in Germany

Thursday, September 20, 2007

A highly dynamic Bluetongue (or catarrhal fever) infection of sheep herds is underway in Germany. From August 2006 till September 9, 2007, 1,833 farms had reported the presence of the infection. From Sept 9. till September 14, 2007, the number of farms reporting infections has grown to 5,686. The number of deaths is estimated around 15,000 sheep.

Bluetongue infection is of viral origin and is harmless to humans. It is an insect-borne viral disease of ruminants, mainly sheep and less frequently of cattle, goats, buffalo, deer, dromedary camels and antelope. There are no reports of human transmission.

The origin of the infection is not clear but it is one of the diseases which is still feared to invade Northern Europe as a consequence of global warming. No official sources are as yet available as the affected sheep farmers have tried to get the news on the media but to no avail.

The disease has also been found in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The United Kingdom Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs says the virus could spread from Northern Europe to the UK, but is unlikely.

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Australian carbon tax plans hit road block

Australian carbon tax plans hit road block

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s plans to implement a carbon tax in Australia have hit a roadblock today with the national secretary of the Australian Workers Union Paul Howes demanding that exemptions be made to certain heavy polluting industries including steel production as well as concerns about whether jobs will be lost.

Steel producing companies within Australia including BlueScope Steel and OneSteel have supported the move by the union claiming that a carbon tax would affect Australian Jobs. Paul O’Malley, managing director and Chief Executive of BlueScope, said that “the tax threat is still real for the Australian Steel industry and for our customers.”

Paul Howes told The Australian newspaper that “if one job is gone, our support is gone.” Mr. Howes is a powerful figure within the Australian Labor Party who is believed to have been instrumental with the removal of PM Gillard’s predecessor Kevin Rudd. Support for the Gillard Labor Government has dropped to an all time low earlier this year, with only a 30% approval rating.

The move by the AWU has been supported by other unions in Australia, including the Transport Workers Union as well as Opposition Leader Tony Abbott.

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Sun Direct Is A Dth Solution With A Difference!

byAlma Abell

DTH is an emerging and is well on its way towards becoming one of the market leaders in the DTH segment. The company presently transmits digital satellite signals all across the country and is looking at further expansion into untapped territories.

The company is a pioneer with regard to its use of MPEG-4 advanced technology which enables enhanced quality of signals and compression. Sun Direct is also the first DTH company to provide HD or High Definition content for mainstream markets. Easy Sun Direct online recharge systems and its gigantic arsenal of regional content makes it one of the best home entertainment options for customers in the country. Sun Direct has spread its wings all over India and customers appreciate the affordability and viability of each of its packages. Alongside, the company also provides the latest set top boxes which come with HD and USB recording technology for a superior experience. The company is leaving no stone unturned to make DTH a mass entertainment option and is steadily scaling up its distribution and customer service network. You can get more details on recharge offers at Recharge and More.

Sun Direct online recharge helps you recharge your subscription voucher without locational, time and energy constraints. It is a simple process and only requires you to enter your credit card number of 16 digits on the home portal. Thereafter, you have to enter the year and expiry date of your card followed by its CVV of 3 digits which is usually found on the back of the card. The IVRS payment system will display and finalize your transaction details once the verification process is complete. You can create your own customer ID, which makes future transactions easier and payment processes can also be executed by calling a specified recharge number. Customer friendliness is the chief USP of Tata Photon Plus and makes it a force to reckon with in the Indian telecommunications market.



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School stampede in China kills eight, injures dozens more

School stampede in China kills eight, injures dozens more

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

State media reported earlier today that a stampede in a school in China has killed at least eight people and injured an additional 26.

The accident occurred at 21:10 local time at the Yucai Middle School, a privately-run institution in city of Xiangxiang, located in the Hunan Province. Reports say that several students were leaving their studies when one fell down a staircase, causing others to lose their balance and tumble down as well.

Those hurt in the incident were treated at three hospitals in the town, and eight other students were being observed by medical personnel despite appearing not to have been hurt.

Chinese officials are investigating the incident and have been questioning the city educational bureau and local school authorities, according to the Xinhua news agency.

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Microsoft announces plan to acquire GitHub for US$7.5 billion

Microsoft announces plan to acquire GitHub for US$7.5 billion

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

On Monday, United States technology giant Microsoft announced their plans to acquire GitHub, a San Francisco, California-based web-based hosting service for software version control using Git, for 7.5 billion US Dollars (USD).

In the official announcement at the Microsoft News web site, the company said they are to reach agreement with GitHub by the end of the year. They said the agreement would allow them to deliver Microsoft development services to GitHub users, and “accelerate enterprise use of GitHub”. GitHub had been financially struggling recently and is expected to get a new CEO.

In 2016, according to financial news and media company Bloomberg L.P., through three quarters GitHub lost USD 66 million, while in nine months of that year GitHub had revenue of USD 98 million. In August 2017 GitHub said they were seeking a new CEO. According to the announcements by GitHub and Microsoft, the Microsoft Corporate Vice President Nat Friedman would become the new CEO of GitHub. He had created app creation platform company Xamarin and was “an open-source veteran”, Microsoft said.

GitHub confirmed the acquisition plans on its blog. In this announcement they alluded to concerns about past friction between Microsoft and open-source software, however they said “things are different. […] Microsoft is the most active organization on GitHub in the world”, mentioning VS Code as an example. In the announcement, GitHub also referred to its several years of collaboration with Microsoft on Git LFS and Electron. GitHub also mentioned the Azure development platform run by Microsoft.

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Work Of Power Drill Tool With Tradusway}



YouTube Preview Image

Kuldeep singhA drilling machine is a tool used for drilling holes in various types of wood, plastic and metal. The bench drill is bolted down for safe drilling of such materials. The pillar drill is a larger version of the bench drill and has a long column enabling it to stand on the floor. It functions the same as the bench drill but can drill larger pieces of material.Angle of Drill MachineMachines can take on vertical and horizon positions, depending on their intended use. They use rotary cutters to cut and shape while a piece of the material is fed in one direction. Computer numerical controlled machines can automatically change the tools used. These machines also have enclosures and cooling systems. Some machines also have turning environments, incorporating lathes into the milling system, creating multitasking machines.The basic tooling bit on a mill are called cutters, which can cut through materials by utilizing sharp saw teeth. They spin and cut down or shape the material. End mills have a cutting surface over one end of the tool and can be used to drill holes by plunging the rotating tool into the materials. Uses of Drill Machine.Vertical drilling machines are the most widely used in metalworking. They are used to make holes in relatively small work-pieces in individual and small lot production; they are also used in maintenance shops. The tool, such as a drill,countersink, or reamer, is fastened on a vertical spindle, and the workpiece is secured on the table of the machne. Theaxes of the tool and the hole to be drilled are aligned by moving the workpiece. Programmed control is also used to orientthe workpiece and to automate the operation. Bench-mounted machines, usually of the single-spindle type, are used tomake holes up to 12 mm in diameter, for instance, in instrument-making.Heavy and large workpieces and workpieces with holes located along a curved edge are worked on radial drilling machines.Here the axes of the tool and the hole to be drilled are aligned by moving the spindle relative to the stationary work-piece.Horizontal drilling machines are usually used to make deep holes, for instance, in axles, shafts, and gun barrels for firearmsand artillery pieces.GRINDER POWER TOOLGrinder for a variety of tasks including cutting, grinding and polishing stone or metal using the proper safety equipment.An angle grinder, also called a side grinder, is a power tool which is hand held and used for grinding, cutting and polishing surfaces.This power tool is designed for basic use either cutting through materials or grinding, more used for straight cutting but can be used for curves when one has more experience with the power tool. Curves are simply cut in a series of short, straight lines and then ground off.Angle Grinders come in varying sizes, small, general, light and large. You can also buy them in either petrol or electric versions. Depending on your job needs.The most important factor when choosing which Angle Grinder to purchase is the depth or size of material to cut / grind. This will direct you to which size and kind of disc you will need to complete your task.There are many different types of discs for different jobs:1.Cut-off discs (diamond disc)2.Abrasive discs3.Grinding stone discs4.Sanding discs5.Wire brush6.Polishing padsUses of Grinder Tool:Grinder is generally used to precisely shape and finish the given materials with low surface roughness and high surface quality. It is primarily a finishing operation that removes relatively small quantities of metal, to deliver highly accurate products. However, certain grinding applications also involve swiftly eliminating high volumes of metal.More visit:-

Machines can take on vertical and horizon positions, depending on their intended use. They use rotary cutters to cut and shape while a piece of the material is fed in one direction. Computer numerical controlled machines can automatically change the tools used. These machines also have enclosures and cooling systems. Some machines also have turning environments, incorporating lathes into the milling system, creating multitasking machines.The basic tooling bit on a mill are called cutters, which can cut through materials by utilizing sharp saw teeth. They spin and cut down or shape the material. End mills have a cutting surface over one end of the tool and can be used to drill holes by plunging the rotating tool into the materials.

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US Senator Ted Kennedy collapses during inaugural luncheon

US Senator Ted Kennedy collapses during inaugural luncheon
 Correction — January 23, 2009 

On Tuesday afternoon, Robert Byrd’s office corrected the reports used for this article. Mark Ferrell said, “Sen. Byrd did not have a medical issue – he is just fine.”

  • Associated Press. “Aide: Byrd left Hill lunch when Kennedy stricken” — Washington Post, January 20, 2009 

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

According to reports, two United States Senators, Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd, suffered medical problems during a luncheon with new U.S. President Barack Obama.

Kennedy collapsed as a result of a seizure and was taken away by paramedics in a wheelchair. In May, Kennedy was diagnosed with brain cancer, which required an operation. Kennedy is at Washington Hospital in Washington, D.C. where his family says he is awake and talking. At the time of his collapse, he was reported to be sitting with John Kerry, another Massachusetts Senator, 2004 presidential candidate, and close friend of Kennedy.

President Obama commented on the situation during the luncheon: “And so I would be lying to you if I did not say that right now a part of me is with him, and I think that’s true for all of us. This is a joyous time. But it’s also a sobering time. And my prayers are with him and his family and Vicki [Kennedy’s wife].”

U.S. Senator Byrd was also taken out of the luncheon after he had reported that he had trouble eating. Byrd, 91 is the oldest member of the U.S. Senate and the longest-serving Senator in the history of the body. Reports indicate that Byrd is doing well.

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Wikinews interviews Stephen Murphy about the upcoming by-election in the Higgins electorate of the Australian parliament

Wikinews interviews Stephen Murphy about the upcoming by-election in the Higgins electorate of the Australian parliament

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

With two by-elections coming up in Australia, many minor parties and independents will be looking to gain a seat in the House of Representatives. Stephen Murphy is one of the independents.

Mr Murphy is a computer programmer from the Melbourne suburb of Brunswick.

“After growing up in South-East Melbourne I studied Science at Monash with first class Honours, worked in Europe for 10 years and have recently returned to Australia. I work in finance as a computer programmer and speak five languages,” Mr Murphy said.

Wikinews reporter Patrick Gillett held an exclusive email interview with Mr Murphy, candidate for the Division of Higgins.

((WN)) Why do you want to get into parliament?

Stephen Murphy: I am standing up for what I believe is the correct course of action on the biggest issue in Australian politics in 100 years – Kevin Rudd’s flawed emissions trading scheme (ETS).

((WN)) What would the three main policies you are taking into this by-election be?

SM: I will oppose the emissions trading scheme, ensure that all government policy is based on accurate scientific evidence and return common sense to Canberra

((WN)) How would you address these policies?

SM: By asking for a Royal Commission into climate change so that the facts (such as that global warming stopped in 2001 and the emissions trading scheme will not change the climate one bit) are openly presented to the Australian people.

((WN)) Sending asylum seekers to Indonesia: good or bad?

SM: Any government policy that does not properly consider all implications (be it emissions trading, or any other issue) is a bad one.

((WN)) Is the Australian dollar’s near parity with the US dollar a sign that the Australian economy is healthy, the US economy in chaos or both?

SM: It’s a sign of both. Many countries around the world look with envy at how well (relatively) Australia is doing, to our credit! It is of concern that the American economy is in such bad shape and that their levels of debt seem unsustainable.

((WN)) How do you rate the governments economic stimulus package?

SM: The economic stimulus package was poorly targeted and poorly carried out. When we could have been building roads, dams, railways and hospitals yet instead we were paying for tattoos, PlayStations and overseas holidays.

((WN)) Should it be wound back?

SM: The question about levels of stimulus spending is a complicated one and requires expertise in economics, however one could say in general terms that all government spending should be well targeted and spent in the most efficient way.

((WN)) Is Kevin Rudd a better Prime Minister than John Howard?’

SM: Australian voters are the best judge of that and we will know in 2019 🙂

((WN)) Is the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme an effective solution to climate change? Why?

SM: Absolutely not. The CPRS will not change the climate by any amount that we can measure – it’s just a new tax that will hurt Australians and drive businesses and jobs overseas. Since 2003 there has been mountains of new scientific data which contradicts the popular theory that human carbon dioxide emissions are causing significant global warming. Recently, many of the scientists who wrote the IPCC report (on which the ETS / CPRS is based) have been reported as manipulating scientific data to create scary global warming scenarios. The science is definitely not settled

((WN)) Is there a better solution?

SM: We can very easily refocus the momentum and goodwill that has been generated on climate change and channel this energy into other worthwhile environmental projects in Australia that will make a difference.

((WN)) Why should the electorate vote for you?

SM: I will oppose the ETS and support responsible environmental policies instead of radical environmental policies that could end up costing every Australian taxpayer $4550 per year in new taxes.

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“PGR4” pre-launch in Taiwan: TOP Drivers’ Derby

“PGR4” pre-launch in Taiwan: TOP Drivers’ Derby

Saturday, September 29, 2007

After the launch of “Halo 3” on Tuesday (September 25), Microsoft promoted a brand new Xbox360 racing game “Project Gotham Racing 4” (PGR4) with a friendship match as a “TOP on TOP” competition between Taiwanese World Cyber Games (WCG) PGR3 Delegate You-cheng Liu and “Drift Master of Taiwan” Po-hsiung Chou at YAMAHA MotorTown in Taipei City, Taiwan.

Before the friendship match, Cary Chen (Senior Product Marketing Manager of Entertainment and Device Division, Microsoft Taiwan) show the new features on PGR4 to the press, VIPs, and guests and praised the “PGR” game series with the “Kudos” skill points. He remarked that in the “PGR4”, not only joined new car type and racing motorcycles, but also add Dynamic Weather System feature for the performance of new different type experiences on weathers, driving, and racing lane.

Chen also remarked that PGR series is surely respected because of the racing game competition factor on WCG from 2006. This “PGR” series can realize lots of dreams of players on making some special skills which can’t be done on reality. With the Xbox Live linking, PGR series has successfully made a great achievement.

After the presentation and demos, Microsoft Taiwan held a friendship match. Before the match, Y. C. Liu welcomed P. H. Chou with Chou drove a BMW car to the main entrance. After the entrance, the match started. With the witnesses of VIPs, press, and players, Liu won the friendship match by the turning fault of Chou. Even though Chou wanted to invite Live as a racer in reality after the match, but Liu temporarily declined with his consideration.

Microsoft Taiwan announced that the Chinese Version of “PGR4” will be available on October 5, and welcomed players competing with “I want ‘PGR4’ Helmet!” photo competition. And also, “Yamaha PGR4 Cup – Taiwan Driving Master Championship” will be held and set qualification section in October and final section in December of Information Month in Taipei.

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