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Mudslides kill at least thirteen in Italy

Mudslides kill at least thirteen in Italy

Friday, October 2, 2009

At least thirteen people have been killed after torrential rains caused mudslides in Italy on Friday.

The mudslides occurred in the city of Messina, located in the northern part of Sicily. The mud blocked rails and road, cut off communications, and destroyed several buildings.

Search and rescue teams were using dogs to locate survivors buried beneath the rubble. Around forty people were hospitalised.

“Most of the dead and seriously injured were in two buildings that collapsed in mudslides,” emergency services spokesman Giampiero Gliubizzi told the Agence France-Presse news agency.

Over one hundred people were forced to evacuate when mudslides threatened their homes, officials said. Some escaped onto roofs, where they were airlifted by helicopters.

“I didn’t understand what was happening. I was at home and everything started moving. Then I found myself surrounded by rubble,” said a survivor. Witness reports suggest the depth of the mud reached seven metres (23 feet) in some areas.

Make The Most Of Customer Relationships With Crm Business Solutions


One of the most important parts of your business is your customer relationships. How will you establish those relationships and maintain them is going to predict the future of your company. This is why it is essential that you implement CRM business solutions in Rochester NY. CRM business solutions allow you to make the most of your customer relationships. You will be introduced to software such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 which will support the basic steps necessary for successful business model. Those steps include finding, enhancing and retaining customer relationships. It takes more than just attracting a customer; your business needs to be able to cultivate loyalty so your customers stay with your products and services. In order for this to happen you must understand customer relationships intimately. Consider that knowledge is power. The experts can provide you with that power through CRM business solutions.

CRM Gives You the Ability to Be More Responsive to Your Customers

Your customers want to be recognized and attended to. The professionals can assist you in centralizing your customer correspondence and information so that new avenues can be identified concerning your business growth and automating essential workflows. This allows you to become more responsive to the needs of your customers. It doesn’t matter what industry your business is in or how big or small it is either. CRM can help your organization become more productive, fruitful with current customers, and forge new relationships where potential customers are concerned.

CRM Can Help You Create Long Term Customer Relationships

In order to create long-term customer relationships it’s essential that you use the services provided by the professionals that can offer you lucrative CRM business solutions. They can provide you with the cost-effective support you need in an environment that is partner hosted. Watch your business grow and your profits increase when you implement CRM services provided by the professionals.

Strong earthquake near Solomon Islands, tsunami reported

Strong earthquake near Solomon Islands, tsunami reported

Sunday, April 1, 2007

A magnitude 8.1 undersea earthquake triggered a tsunami that has killed at least fifteen people, including six children, in the Solomon Islands. Tsunami warnings have been issued for parts of Australia as well.

According to the US Geological Survey, the magnitude 8.0 quake struck Sunday, April 1, 2007 at 20:39:56 (UTC) about 45 km (25 mi) south-southeast of Gizo, New Georgia Islands, Solomon Islands, at a depth of 10 km.


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ITV fined A$3000 for cruelty to rat on “I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!”

ITV fined A$3000 for cruelty to rat on “I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!”

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A spokesperson stated on Monday that UK television company ITV have been fined A$3000 (about US$2591 or £1663) for cruelty to animals in an incident on programme “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!“, where two celebrities killed and ate a rat.

The incident involved actor Stuart Manning and television chef Gino D’Acampo, who went on to win the ninth series of the programme, which was broadcast in 2009. Inside the jungle, having been reduced to rations of beans and rice, the two celebrities caught a rat before killing it and then cooking it, to give the beans and rice “more protein”, before eating the rat, which contestant and actor George Hamilton described as “actually quite nice”. Inside the programme’s video diary room, at the time of the recording of it, Gino D’Acampo said: “I saw one of these rats running around. I got a knife, I got its throat, I picked it up.”

RSPCA Australia had stated that performing an act like this on television was “not acceptable”. Initially, Manning and D’Acampo were charged for animal cruelty. However, their charges were dropped when ITV made the confession that production staff had allowed the celebrities to carry out the act of killing the rat. After a court trial in Sydney, Australia, ITV got a fine of A$3000. The company also had to pay costs of A$2500 (US$2192 or £1396).

An ITV spokesperson said that “ITV has apologised for the mistake which led to this incident. The production was unaware that killing a rat could be an offence, criminal or otherwise in New South Wales, and accepts that further inquiries should have been made. This was an oversight and we have since thoroughly reviewed our procedures and are putting in place a comprehensive training programme to ensure that this does not happen in future series.”

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News briefs:January 04, 2008

News briefs:January 04, 2008


  • 1 Wikinews News Brief January 04, 2008 23:35 UTC
    • 1.1 Introduction
    • 1.2 Israeli troops kill 9 in Gaza
    • 1.3 Georgian President faces election challenge
    • 1.4 US unemployment hits two-year high
    • 1.5 Israel plans crackdown on West Bank settlement outposts
    • 1.6 Transaven Airlines plane carrying 14 people crashes off Venezuelan coast
    • 1.7 Sportswriter Milt Dunnell dies at 102
    • 1.8 2007 was particularly good year for aviation safety
    • 1.9 U.S. Senator Dodd bows out of presidential race
    • 1.10 Intel ends partnership with One Laptop Per Child program
    • 1.11 British Investigators arrive in Pakistan to join Bhutto investigation
    • 1.12 Disgorge bassist Ben Marlin dies from cancer
    • 1.13 Egypt lets 2000 pilgrims through Rafah
    • 1.14 Launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis once again delayed
    • 1.15 Study suggests hospitals are not the best place for cardiac arrest treatment
    • 1.16 US dollar no longer accepted at Taj Mahal and other Indian historical sites
    • 1.17 Footer


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Auto Loans For Those In The Armed Forces

Auto Loans For Those in the Armed Forces


Maria Causley

Military car loans are similar to standard car loans except that some loan companies concentrate on this region and are more understanding about loans for military personnel.

These kind of loan companies recognize you are serving your country and you might wind up constantly moving more frequently compared to the average person. You may not have the time to establish the typical average credit standing either.

How can you open up accounts from retail stores if you are deployed where generally there are no malls? Several traditional loan providers don\’t \”understand it\” therefore going to a specialist will make your life easier.

YouTube Preview Image

What\’s needed to be able to qualify for military auto loans are especially customized to the needs of our people in uniform. The life-style of today\’s troops is taken into account whenever providing a auto loan. Such factors includes consistent changes with address, perhaps a overdue payment on the credit record due to being stationed to another country, as well as shortage of several common types of credit including retail outlet cards.

Part of the security for the military car loans would be the vehicle itself. So the lender will often need to know you are living anywhere within the fifty states. That\’s just in case they ever have to claim back the car. This is known as a repo.

One other security regarding the car loan can be your paycheck and income. The lending company normally takes under consideration the amount you earn, less any sort of existing obligations such as other debts, child support , and so on.

Should your credit rating looks like it\’s alright, without a lot of problem accounts, and you make far more than a sufficient amount to pay the loan monthly payments, then the likelihood of being approved for military auto loans are great.

This particular editor had a good credit rating right up until a divorce arrived and totally ruined it. So chances are, for a long when my credit rating was far worse than any individual looking over this article.

Yet eventually I was still capable to purchase a automobile so you can definitely to it also. Doing it was not painless but when you look around and stick to the tips here you can get a vehicle.

Most likely it won\’t be a completely new sports car or a Truck however it will probably be a quality used car or truck that you\’ll be happy to drive. Keep in mind there are even some car loans having bad credit pertaining to military members if you browse around for them.

Much more information about this, as well as other military financial loans can be found within my site:

military lending

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Record number of bicycles sold in Australia in 2006

Record number of bicycles sold in Australia in 2006

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Bicycle sales in Australia have recorded record sales of 1,273,781 units for 2006, exceeding car sales by 32 percent. It is the fifth year in a row that the bicycle industry has sold more than one million units, a figure yet to be realised by car manufacturers.

The Cycling Promotion Fund (CPF) spokesman Ian Christie said Australians were increasingly using bicycles as an alternative to cars. Sales rose nine percent in 2006 while the car market stalled. Mr Christie said people were looking to cut their fuel costs and improve their fitness.

Mr Christie said organisations were beginning to supply bicycles as a company vehicle. “There is an emerging trend towards people using bikes as their official company-supplied vehicle in place of the traditional company car,” he said.

“Some of Australia’s biggest corporations now have bicycle fleets, and when you add in government organisations, we now know of at least 50 organisations which operate fleets of bikes.”

“Although the company bicycle is a long way from taking over from the company car, it’s an important trend when you consider that nearly half of all cars sold are to company fleets.”

The CPF claims most commutes to work are less than 5 kilometres (3 miles) making bicycle travel a viable alternative.

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Athletes prepare for 2012 Summer Paralympics at the Paralympic Fitness Centre

Athletes prepare for 2012 Summer Paralympics at the Paralympic Fitness Centre

Monday, August 27, 2012

London, England — As Paralympians ready for the Games which are set to open later this week, they have access to a world class fitness center inside the Paralympic Village which is designed to maximise their pre-Game preparations.

According to volunteers staffing the center, instead of being a single large room, as in Beijing, the building has numerous rooms. It, along with the adjacent Village Services Centre, is designed to be converted into a school after the games conclude. Rooms have been structured as a gym, an auditorium, and science laboratories.

Gym equipment is supplied by Technogym, an Italian firm that has supplied gym equipment for the Olympics since 2000. Equipment has been provided not just for for the Fitness Centre, but for gyms at all the Olympic venues. The newest equipment is oriented toward maximum flexibility, allowing athletes to exercise the particular muscles that they most require for their sport.

In addition to the equipment, the Fitness Centre also provides instructors trained in the use of the equipment, the likes of which athletes from many countries have never seen before. There are also a number of instructors available to provide motivational training.

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Improving Your Home Take A Second Mortgage

Improving Your Home – Take a Second Mortgage



When you need finance for a home improvement project, you ve many options at your reach. However, one that is not often considered and can turn out to be a very cheap source of founds is to take a second mortgage on the same property you are planning to improve. Home equity loans or second mortgages are the right tool for financing home improvements.

The fact that these loans are based on equity and that you are planning to improve the property that is guaranteeing them has several implications that need to be taken into account. Both the lender and the borrower will benefit from the fact that the loan will be used to improve the asset that is guaranteeing the loan.

Home Equity Loans (Second Mortgages)

YouTube Preview Image

Home equity loans or second mortgages are based on the remaining equity on your home. Basically, equity is the difference between the home value of your property and the outstanding debt guaranteed by that property. Home equity loans use this equity as collateral to guarantee the loan just like home loans use the property as collateral.

This implies that the risk involved for the lender is reduced due to the guarantee and thus, the interest rate charged is low. These loans along with home loans are probably the lowest rate loans of the private financial market. This in turn, implies also low monthly payments which are perfect for financing home improvements so you don t have to pay high lump sums every month.

Also, since these loans are guaranteed, the lender is willing to offer higher loan amounts. However, the loan amount will be limited by the equity left on your home. Higher loan amounts are also very useful for home improvements because generally, home improvements are rather expensive and an important amount of funds are needed to undertake home improvement projects.

An Alternative: Home Equity Lines of Credit for Home Improvements

These lines of credit are revolving sources of funds that are also guaranteed with your home equity. Instead of a fixed loan amount, what you are offered when requesting a home equity line of credit, is a flexible source of funds with certain credit limit. Up to this limit you can request as much money as you need and repay it the way you want. Generally, the minimum payment is the interests charged for the money you withdraw.

Once you repay the principal, you can withdraw it again as many times as you want as long as you don t exceed the credit limit. This tool provides a lot of flexibility that comes in very handy when making home improvements that have costs that you can t always predict and thus having a fixed amount can seriously limit your project.

The main difference as regards the terms of home equity loans and lines of credit is that home equity lines of credit always carry a variable interest rate that is altered every three months according to market conditions, while home equity loans can carry either a variable rate or a fixed interest rate that will remain the same all through the life of the loan.

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Looking For Outdoor Living Options? Consider Fire Pits In Salt Lake City, Ut

byAlma Abell

One of the current design trends is expanding a home’s living area by making better use of outdoor spaces. Decks and patios are becoming increasingly important as property owners look for ways to enjoy the outdoors and entertain guests. One of the components now routinely seen in outdoor living spaces is Fire Pits in Salt Lake City UT.

Choosing the Best Options

Fire pits come in a variety of sizes and styles designed to fit virtually any exterior living space. Of course, there are also many materials used to create fire pits, suggesting it should never be difficult to locate a fire pit or fire table to meet a home’s unique needs. The fuel source selected will also be important, as fire pits and tables using wood, natural gas, or LP gas are all readily available. Design experts will generally work closely with property owners to ensure the best fuel option is selected.

Eat, Entertain, and Stay Warm

Fire Pits in Salt Lake City UT can be used as gathering spots for family and friends during most of the year. Even cooler nights will be comfortable when everyone is sitting around a fire pit enjoying each other’s company. Many designs include sitting areas that double as dining spaces. That means everyone can be together as they eat a wonderful dinner. Contractors and design professionals help clients define their needs and select the best fire pits to meet those needs.

Enjoy Flexibility

It’s rather easy to locate a fire pit just about wherever a homeowner feels appropriate. While routing natural gas lines poses some degree of difficulty during installations, opting for wood or LP fire pits makes it possible to install a fire pit just about anywhere. That level of flexibility is ideal for property owners who want to periodically change their deck or patio configuration.

If you’re currently considering a fire pit or table, now is the perfect time to contact a professional for advice. The experts are always available to help homeowners decide which fire pit or fire table would best fulfill their design objectives. If you’ve got questions or would like to explore your outdoor living options, contact Stone Mountain Castings & Design today. Like us on Facebook.

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