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50 Ways To Reduce Your Power Usage

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By Mike Grant

Reducing your energy consumption has many benefits.

Lower energy bills

Smaller environmental impact

Less energy you will need to produce to go off the grid

Less dependency on others for your energy needs

Here is a list with a short explanation of 50 ways you can reduce your energy usage

Free methods of reducing your energy

1. Turn off light when not in use

If you are not going to be in a room why pay to keep it bathed in light?

2. Turn off your computer when not in use

This will not only save on electricity but will also protect your computer from power surges which could cause serious problems.

3. Turn off your printer when not in use

Most printers are used for five minutes a day bur remain on for 24 hrs. not a good use of your energy resources

4. Unplug recharging devices after use

Recharging devices use power even if they are not charging anything. Put them way here you will know where they are when it comes time to recharge your appliance again

5. Turn off your answering machine when you are home

There is a double benefit here.

You wont be wasting power

You won’t have to race the machine to answer

6. Use the smallest extension cord you can

As electricity travels along a cord it looses power. The longer the cord the more it looses.

7. Only do full loads in your dishwasher or washing machine.

These appliances not only use electricity but also hot water which costs energy to heat. The fewer number of loads you do the less power and hot water you use.

8. Fill your sink up to wash your pots and pans

If you are in the habit of washing your dishes over running water change to filling the sink. You will use less hot water then leaving the tap on while washing up

9. Do your cooking in batches

It takes energy to heat up your cooking appliances so instead of preheating your oven and stovetop repeatedly plan your cooking to cook several meals all at once. This will not only save you on energy consumption but on time your spend in the kitchen over all.

10. Use the convection feature when baking

Your food will cook faster and more evenly using less energy then regular oven heating

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11. Cook outside

Cooking on a barbeque will not use any electricity and will not heat your house up in the summer causing your air conditioner to work harder.

12. Avoid using your oven

Your oven uses twice the amount of electricity to cook the same amount of food as your cook top

13. Use a crock pot

Slow cooking one dish meals saves you in time and energy

14. Keep your fridge and freezer door closed

When you open a conventional fridge and freezer door the cool air spills out onto the floor and is replaced with worm air.

15. Hang your cloths to dry

Electric dryers use a tremendous amount of energy to heat the air used to dry your cloths.

16. Keep the fins at the back of your fridge and freezer clean

These fins are heat sinks which help your appliance to work properly. Keeping them clean will ensure the most efficient operation .

17. Pull your curtains after sundown

Curtains act as insulators keeping the cold air from your windows from circulating around the room.

18. Wear a sweater

Instead of turning up the heat on a cold day put on a sweater to stay comfortable

19. Have showers instead of baths

Showers use less hot water then baths. Therefore using less energy

20. Use task lighting

Instead of lighting up an entire room use task lighting to only light up the area you need.

21. Hang your towels up after use

After you have used a towel let it dry in the bathroom instead of putting it in the wash. This will cut down on your laundry loads.

22. Keep your furnace dust filter clean

A dirty filter prevents proper air flow and puts more burden on your furnace to keep your house at the proper temperature.

23. Do things as a family

Play games together, cook, play a sport, anything besides everyone watching there own show or using there own electronics.

Adjust your household settings to lower your energy consumption

24. Lower your thermostat one or two degrees

The hotter the house the faster the heat escapes. Lowering the temperature in the winter will reduce your energy consumption

25. Raise the temperature on your air conditioner

The colder it is in the house the harder the air conditioner needs to work to keep it cool

26. Install a timer on your water heater

Your water heater is designed to keep a supply of hot water available at all times. You can save on energy if you turn it off at times when you know no one will need hot water. Such as after midnight and before 6:00 am.

27. Turn your water heater down

The lower the temperature your keep your hot water the less energy it takes to heat it.

Simple renovations to lower your energy use

28. Install new weather stripping

Weather stripping gets worn and tattered with use so check it periodically and replace when needed

29. Insulate your hot water heater and pipes

This will keep the hot water from the hot water heater hotter at the sink or shower and reduce the heat loss into the house.

30. Install blinds and curtains on your windows

The added insulation will help to keep your house wormer in the winter

31. Install timers on all appliances which use phantom power

Appliances like your TV and DVD player use electricity even when turned off. A timer will prevent this during times when it is not in use.

32. Use motion detectors for outside lights

Instead of having your outside lights on all the time a motion detector will turn the lights on when you need it and off when you don’t

33. Put a timer on your outside lights

Have your outside lights come on only when you need them. Not in the daytime or late at night when everyone is asleep.

34. Install low GPM (gallons pre minute) showerheads

This will help you use less hot water

35. Plant deciduous trees

Trees which provide shade for the house in the summer but lets the sun into the house in the winter takes advantage of nature to help heat and cool your home.

36. Use solar light to light up driveways or paths at night

Lights which provide easier navigation outside are a great idea but you don’t have to use grid power to light them at night.

37. Replace conventional light bulbs with energy efficient compact florescent or LED lights

These lights use 1\4 to 1\8 the power as conventional ones and last up to eight years depending on use.

38. Use a bathroom humidistat

Keeping the humidity down in your bathroom is a must but running your bathroom fan 24/7 is a waist of energy. With a humidistat it will turn off the fan when the humidity reaches a desired level.

39. Check the seals on your fridge and freezer

Poor seals will let out cold air into the house and worm air into the fridge. Causing it to work harder to maintain a steady temperature

40. Keep your kettle free of deposits

This helps it run more efficiently and use less energy.

41. Use passive solar heating

Place dark colored heat absorbing articles where the sun can heat them up during the day and then release it once the sun has gone down.

Replace old appliances

42. Install a tank-less water heater

These water heaters only heat water on demand. Avoiding the waist of keeping large amounts of water hot over extended periods of time.

43. Install a wood stove

Wood heat is great for keeping your house worm and dry. Look for high efficient air tight systems which make the most of your wood.

44. Use a chest freezer

Chest freezers open from the top which prevents the cold air from escaping into the room and therefore uses less energy.

45. Replace old washers and driers with high efficient ones

New high efficient washers and driers use less electricity and water to do the same or better job so if you are needing new anyway get the high efficiency ones.

46. Switch your furnace to natural gas or propane

Electric furnaces are horribly inefficient. Whereas burning natural gas of propane is much more efficient way of heating your house and only uses electricity to move the worm air around.

47. Purchase a high efficiency fridge and freezer with the freezer on the bottom

These units are more efficient and easier to get things into and out of

48.replace your electric oven with a natural gas or propane one.

Again it is cheaper to burn gas then heat with electricity

49. Replace your electric drier with a natural gas or propane on

Same reason

50. Be energy conscious

Watch for ways you can save energy daily. Whether it is by closing the front door while you wait for someone or using a clothes line. Once you are aware that you are using energy you will soon find many ways to save on your electricity usage.

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