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A Comprehensive Guide To Hose Crimpers And Lw Hydraulics

Hose crimping has existed for years thanks to technological advancements. This process entails pressing a pipe or hose aggressively to attach it more securely to another piece. The technique got initial fame from the metalworking industry before other sectors acknowledged its significance. Today, hose crimpers perform a myriad of functions. For instance, a specially designed one could be used to fit fire hoses into the correct position. There are also hose crimpers to manufacture and repair hydraulic hoses. This article aims to highlight the importance of hose crimpers in various sectors, with emphasis on the renowned LW hydraulics.

A Look into Hose Crimpers

The hose crimper‘s primary role is to join robust hose ends to the remainder of the hose. In achieving this, the hose and the fitting get aligned and then inserted into the crimper. Using a predetermined setting, the device closes around them, causing compression. The result is a tightly sealed, leak-free connection between the hose and the fitting, giving the hose an extended lifespan. Although this might sound complicated, the process is quite swift and straightforward, taking mere seconds.

Types of Hose Crimpers

Hose crimpers are generally categorized into three: portable, benchtop, and freestanding. Portable crimpers are designed for field-service applications due to their light nature. They can operate off a vehicle’s electrical system to perform emergency repairs. Benchtop crimpers are for shops or factories due to their size and robustness, whereas freestanding crimpers are best for heavy industrial use due to their multiple dies and handling heavy, large bore hoses.

LW hydraulics and Hose Crimpers

When discussing hose crimpers, the mention of the LW hydraulics brand is inevitable. Known for their exceptional line of hydraulics-based products, they have emerged as industry leaders, showcasing their innovativeness in their hydraulic hose crimper designs. Their devices feature versatility, cost-effectiveness, and longevity, typically found in rugged design aesthetics suitable for high-stress commercial applications.

Importance of LW Hydraulics Hose Crimper

The hose crimper from LW hydraulics is a highly efficient and durable tool that offers a myriad of benefits, making it a top choice for professionals. First, its extreme precision combines with its robust build to provide optimal performance, even under high-pressure conditions. This feature makes it applicable in many sectors, including construction and the automotive industry.

Secondly, this tool’s versatility allows it to accommodate various hose sizes, making it a one-stop solution for all your crimping needs. Its easy-to-adjust functionality further simplifies the process, requiring less effort yet yielding outstanding results.

Lastly, LW hydraulics’ hose crimper is reliable. With this tool, you are much less likely to suffer from hose malfunctions and subsequent downtime. The company’s outstanding customer service is an additional advantage to using their products. Above all, the crimper’s cost-effectiveness—coupled with its superior performance—makes it an excellent investment.


The hose crimper is an indispensable tool in many industries. The precision, versatility, robust nature, and cost-effectiveness of such a device are essential features that cannot be overlooked. Considering the importance of the role hydraulic systems play in a myriad of applications, it’s paramount to invest in a high-quality crimper. With LW hydraulics’ hose crimper, not only will you obtain a high-performing tool, you’ll be investing in a durable, reliable, and efficient device that offers real value for money.