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About Creativity


Ken CharnlyWhat is creativity?Creativity is an act of faith and an art of discovery. It is the ability of a person to create something that is new to world based upon an innovation. Example: When an apple felt on the head of Newton he formulated laws of motion which are the basis of many present day calculations. When Sir Thomas Alva Edison analyzed the need of light to fight with dark in night, this analysis guided him in the invention of electric bulb. To some extent creativity lies in every person whether he is a famous scientist or lower grade employee. Creativity lies in depth of your soul in form of innovative ideas which either gets buried in corners of your heart with the passage of time or you do not get support from society, so the need only is to give life to your innovation. Let yourself come out of you. Forget about restrictions of society, existing past trends and gain faith upon you. You can learn to be more creative by observing and following highly creative people; reading their biographies. Give shape to your thoughts and bring your thoughts into life. Don’t be protractive in giving life to your innovation. Creative people have a strong desire to express themselves and sometimes they need to fight to secure their rights. How are creative people?Did you ever think of what the difference is between and ordinary person and highly creative people? Both have the same body structure so where the difference lies? The answer to this question is that between a simple man and highly creative people the difference lies in mind, attitude and perception. The main characteristics where creativity of a person can be judged are: Unconventional: Creative people are not conventional. They need not stick to society norms and standards. They believe only in what they feel is right. They can bring end to existing conventions. Example: Galileo made a revolt against the existing beliefs in his times and proved that the earth revolves round the sun. And his work of that time is the basis of many calculations of present era. Individualistic: Creative people d not believe in superstition and have a strong desire to uncover truth. Inventive: Creative people are highly intelligent and are constantly coming up with innovative ideas. They are always in search of what is missing in world and what could be done more to make life better.Driven: Creative people are driven by their vision. They have a strong desire to convert their vision into their achievements. Vision: Creative people are visionary. Their vision lies in their heart and soul. And their priority is always towards their vision. Intuitive: Creative people are highly intuitive. The work they have to do originate in their soul. They listen their soul and let their soul guide them in their life.

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