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Best Unique Green Products For Home Owners

Best Unique Green Products for Home Owners


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While the entire world is now getting conscious about the ecological balance and finding out various ways of achievement of the goal, it is the unique green products that can best serve the purpose. Having such green products in the home will render it energy efficient as well as pollution free and green. While some of them are reusable products and biodegradable there are some others that are truly unique in nature.

Green Coffin Box

Caskets and coffin box made of bamboo, pandanus, or banana sheaves are one of the best ways of having eco-friendly burials. Some companies in Colorado sell such caskets. Due to its eco-friendly nature the casket has been given the name of Ecoffin. Usually the box takes around six months to a couple of years for biodegrading. However the price at around $800 is on the higher side.


Using Remote Controls that Are Eco-Friendly

Designed by students from China and sponsored by leading company Sony, eco friendly remote controls is one of the unique creations. Since the product is sponsored by Sony, it is called the conductor TV remote for Sony. This wand type remote is moved side to side to power it. A green LED light comes up indicating the power levels of the remote. Users can move the remote to left and right to navigate or change the settings of the TV volume controls. Moving the remote up and down one can change channels and moving it in a circular motion switches the TV on or off.

Environment Friendly Furs

One of the innovative persons, Danelle German found out a way of using the furs of pets like dogs and cats in making products that are eco-friendly. First of all the furs are completely and thoroughly cleaned to make them free of any infectious materials and then dried up to make them suitable for yarn making. Cured for a few days, they are used to manufacture eco-friendly reusable handbags.

Carpet that Are Eco-Friendly

Another very useful unique green product is the eco friendly moss carpets. Walking on fresh grass can help develop blood circulation in the body. But instead of going to the park, one can have the same affects at home using the eco-friendly moss carpet.

Made of completely reusable materials, they made of foams called plsatazote and include three types of mosses; ball, island, and forest moss.

Finding quality

reusable products

and that too at affordable prices could be one of the most challenging tasks for any buyer. brings up effective solution for the problem by providing numerous eco friendly products like

organic extracts

and multiple others helping ecological balance.

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