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Seguro Para Propietarios De Casas Chicago Il: Entendiendo Los Diferentes Aspectos


El seguro de vivienda o seguro para propietarios de casas es una póliza de seguros que cubre varios de los diferentes problemas relacionados con la propiedad que pueden darse en un hogar.

Aunque pueda parecer tentador no tenerlo para ahorrarnos un dinero, lo cierto es que este seguro puede sacarnos de varios apuros. Incluso si tu casa es nueva y piensas que es improbable sufrir averías, estas pueden suceder. El problema es que cuando aparecen, puesto que es tu casa y necesitas vivir en ella, no siempre puedes esperar a solucionar el problema. En ocasiones, necesitarás servicios urgentes y, a no ser que tengas un seguro, pagar los mismos te resultará realmente caro.

Por ejemplo, la rotura de una ventana o una tubería pueden ocasionar grandes daños en la casa o hacerla inhabitable. Con un seguro, llamas y te lo solucionan a la mayor brevedad, sin un seguro, deberás pagar mucho dinero para que todo ocurra con la rapidez que necesitas.

Otro aspecto que pocos tienen en cuenta a la hora de contratar un seguro para propietario de casas en Chicago es la responsabilidad civil. Es decir, tú responsabilidad respecto a accidentes que ocurren debido a tu propiedad y que podrían ocasionar indemnizaciones a terceros. Por ejemplo, si hay una fuga de agua en tu casa y el agua pasa a la propiedad de un vecino, seguramente debas indemnizarle. El seguro puede cubrir este riesgo.

Finalmente, los seguros suelen ofrecer servicios extra. Por ejemplo, es habitual que tengan un servicio telefónico para consultar problemas informáticos o un servicio manitas al que puedas llamar si necesitas que te hagan una pequeña tarea del hogar como quitar unas cortinas o colgar una lámpara.

Es muy importante que cuando contrates tu seguro, leas la póliza entera para tener claro lo que entra y lo que no entra en la cobertura. Si hay algo que entra, no dudes en llamar, ya que si el año que viene quieren subirte demasiado la póliza, siempre podrás comprobar las ofertas de otros competidores.

Si no quieres gastar mucho, puedes contratar la póliza más básica, pero tener una cobertura por responsabilidad civil, siempre es recomendable ya que aunque sea improbable, un accidente puede afectar mucho a tu presupuesto mensual. Para saber más sobre el seguro para propietarios de viviendas en Chicago, visite IL Illinois Automobile Insurance Agency.

Buy Your Splendid New Car With New Auto Loans}

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Submitted by: Alan Hendricks

What America drives, drives America. How true! Each one of us is extremely passionate about the four-wheeled invention. From the humble beginning in 1907, to the sleek cars today – cars have come a long way. Manufacturers keep launching new cars every year and we absolutely love to drive those beauties on street.

The New Car Prestige

Most of us search for a chance to replace their clunker with a brand new car. A new car means reduced maintenance cost, warranty coverage and more importantly, peace of mind. Moreover, there are higher chances of buying a junk and salvaged used car.

Buying a new automobile is fulfilling the ultimate American dream in true sense. A new car means you have established yourself and are now responsible of making a huge financial commitment.

Nows The Time

New Year means several auto shows and new car launches. The Year has ushered in good news for the auto industry. The sales are anticipated to go higher than last years 12.8 million. Higher car sales mean many are replacing their aging automobiles. Be one of them and get ready to chuck your old car for a new-flawless beauty. If you are concerned about high cost of financing a new car, heres a comprehensive guide to help you buy the car of your dreams.

Money-Wise For a Wise Decision

A mark, a yen, a buck, or a pound

is all that makes the world go around

One can understand the importance of money with this Liza Minnelli song. Yes, money is important when it comes to buying a car. Although car loans will do their magic, you should have some amount for making a decent down payment.

Ascertain your affordability. You must understand that when you set out to make a major financial decision, you must be ready with everything. Prepare your budget. Deduct all your expenses and current loan payments from your gross monthly income. You must consider all the major future expenses like college fees, marriage, holiday trips, etc. If you have a balance enough to make easy car loan payment, only then think of buying a car.

While deciding on monthly payments, you must not forget all the car-related expenses like fuel, maintenance and insurance.

Buying a new car is an important rite of passage for us. It is very crucial investment decision and you dont want to lose your hard-earned money. So, even though it is rather tedious, it will definitely help you to narrow down your choices.

Finance First

Once you know your affordability, start scouting for an auto loan. A new car is certainly more expensive than a used one and you must sort out the finance before going to the dealers lot.


You have many options for availing finance. Dealership financing, credit unions and banks are the traditional options. Most banks have stringent lending criteria and you need to be a member of the credit union to avail finance from them.

You can also go for an online auto loans. Most buyers opt for it because of the convenient lending process. You will have to fill a simple application form for a new car loan and thats it. Your work gets over there. These companies will search for a lender in their network and help you get the best deal.

While going the online way, you must take care of your datas safety and security. Check the companys security certificate and ensure its reputation.

What Factors Will Determine Your Approval?

Your credit score is not the sole reason of your approval or rejection. Heres a list of all the variables involved:

Credit Profile

Your credit profile should be for longer term. Along with a stellar score, it is important that you have a credit history of at least two years.

Monthly Income

As the cost of a new car is high, be ready to make slightly higher payments. Most lenders will want you to earn at least $1,000. Pay stubs or W-2 forms can help you to prove your income.

Employment History

It is essential to have a stable income source. If you are constantly switching jobs, lenders wont trust you. You must be working at your current employer for at least six months.

Time At Residence

Most lenders want to know if you have a constant place of residence. It allows them to know if you are regular in paying your utility bills. Lenders will ask for a copy of utility bills.

Down Payment

It is the initial upfront amount that you pay while buying a car. A larger down payment will reduce your loan amount.


Having a co-signer will make a huge difference to your approval chances. A co-signer will assume the responsibility in case of missed payments.

Once you get approved, the lenders will contact you. Most financing companies have a network of lenders as well as dealers. So, it may happen that a dealer will offer you financing options. You must take this as an opportunity to build your credit score.

You Deserve the Best

Its your time to judge the best car loan quote. Look for APR (Annual Percentage Ratio). It will tell you the exact cost of loan including all the fees and charges. Also, consider the loan term. Longer the term, higher is the chance of ending up with an upside-down auto loan. Repayment terms, prepayment penalty, repossession terms, etc. should be considered in advance.

After your application is approved, choose your dream car. Select the one that really fulfills your needs and suits your style. Dont forget to read reviews and also consider manufacturers incentives.

Heres wishing that you get your perfect new car. Take a wise decision and enjoy your charming and elegant beauty on wheels.

About the Author: Buying a new car is dream for many but only few are able to fulfill to it. Fulfill your dream with

. We have a nation-wide coverage and offer affordable new auto loan options.


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Types Of Business Insurance Boston That All Small Businesses Should Have

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byAlma Abell

Owning a small business is a huge and exciting undertaking. As a small business owner, you must consider all of the details, including getting the right type of insurance to protect you and your business. Some types of Business Insurance Boston that every small business should have are highlighted here. Browse website for more details!

General Liability

All businesses, even home-based ones, should have liability insurance. This type of policy provides you with coverage for defense, as well as damages, if your products, employees or services are blamed for causing property damage or bodily injury to a third party.

Property Insurance

If you own the building where your business resides, or if you have personal property in your business, which includes inventory, tools, computers and other types of office equipment, you need to purchase a policy that will protect you in instances of smoke damage, theft, vandalism and a fire.

BOP -; Business Owner’s Policy

This type of coverage will provide a package deal for all of the required types of coverage for business owners. In most cases, the BOP package will include crime insurance, liability insurance, vehicle coverage, property insurance and interruption insurance. The package that you actually purchase can be customized to your specific business to ensure that the items you use and have are fully covered. In most cases, a BOP will offer a money discount since the bundle will be offered at a discounted rate.

Commercial Auto Insurance

This insurance will protect any business vehicles that you have. You can use it to protect any vehicle that is used by employees, or that is used for equipment and products.

Worker’s Compensation

This type of insurance will provide coverage is an employee is injured while on the job. It will cover any wage replacement needs, as well as medical costs for those that are injured. When these benefits are given, the employee will then relinquish their right to sue the business for the incident in question.

Sawyer Insurance Agency Inc. offers all types of business insurance to ensure that your business is fully covered and protected in the instance of any unforeseen condition or circumstance.

Why Insurance Claims Are Not Paid}

Submitted by: Frank Egan – LAC Lawyers

Normally there are a number of reasons why insurers fail to pay or deny insurance claims. The principal ones are:

1. Non Disclosure of material fact;

2. Failure to abide by the doctrine of the utmost good faith;

3. Fraud and/or overcapitalisation of loss but the latter only applies to deny that part of the claim;

4. Arson as a subset of fraud;

5. An inability of the insured to provide any or adequate strict proof of loss;

6. A breach of policy conditions;

7. A failure by insurers to properly apply policy conditions (eg. co-insurance, average or a misapplication of theft or burglary sub-limits as applied to jewellery or the misapplication of the condition precedents, or condition subsequents to the policy);

8. A failure by insurers to properly investigate and assess a claim.

Unfortunately some insurers lack real insurance claims expertise as too many people are leaving the insurance industry. Despite the rhetoric most claims are treated as commodities. Many customer service officers, individual client service managers or claims clerks have very limited experience whether they are dealing with corporate, commercial, business or personal lines or domestic claims. The reality is that there are more claims to be processed and less capable or experienced people to deal with them which affects claims decisions. This is not helped because some insurers are so totally shareholder and cost driven they overlook the need to protect their client base. Insurers talk about their retention rates which is the percentage of policies renewed annually with them yet many are struggling to maintain retention rates of between 85-90% with only a few performing in the low ninety percents. What this means is that insurers are losing annually anywhere between 5-15% of their client base. Most insureds are unaware of this as the only time they know the value of what they have bought is when they have a claim. In some cases they are less than impressed.

Internal disputes resolution was introduced by insurers to provide a better outcome for their clients. Unfortunately some insurers treat claims as a process and have commoditised them. This is supposed to produce a better outcome for clients and, to be fair, in some cases it does, yet in others it cannot as one process does not fit all claims. Some insurers believe that by treating claims in this way they are able to provide better customer service, speedier resolution of claims, more effective control over costs, reduced claims settlements and improved retention rates across all classes of their business. It cannot work for all as it does not take into account the individual circumstances of individual claims which fall outside the norm and which therefore require a different approach. It is in this area where real expertise is needed and as is so often the case many insurers do not possess it due to high staff turnover as claims is not seen as being sexy nor providing a secure career path. Unfortunately inconsistent claims decisions means that sometimes the insured fails to achieve true indemnity under the policy whilst the insurer loses a client. This could amount to having the claim denied, refused in part, incorrectly quantified or misunderstood. Whether you be an insurer or an insured and you become involved in a problem claim seek independent legal advice from LAC Lawyers.

About the Author: Frank Egan is the Chief Executive Officer of

LAC Insurance Lawyers Sydney

and has over 27 years of experience as a lawyer.


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