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The Korg Midi Bundle Nano Key, Nano Pad, Nano Ko NT Rol

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The Korg MIDI Bundle – NanoKEY, NanoPAD, NanoKONTROL


Ryan Guerrero

An industry giant unveils compact MIDI devices for music makers on-the-go!

The new nanoSeries devices of Korg are particularly designed to meet the needs of artists who are always on the move – making music anywhere, anytime, without compromising the control department. Its range of MIID controllers features three compact products – the nanoKEY, the nanoPAD, and the nanoKONTROL.

Expected to be tough, the nanoKEY is no ordinary keyboard – it is a 25-note, velocity-sensitive model. Aside from being very handy in recording chords and melodies, the nanoKEY can also be used to send MIDI data, further expanding its power. It has an Octave Shift function that provides immediate access to the entire MIDI note range. There are pitch and modulation buttons provided as well, allowing your performances the kind of expression natural to any controller, regardless of its size.

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The Korg nanoKEY is also very small. In fact, you can put it right in front of your laptop, your recording station, on a recording console, or wherever you need a versatile control over your virtual instrument or DJ software. But despite its size, the nanoKEY comes with several benefits when it comes to functionality, but its intuitive layout makes operation a breeze for any user.

The nanoPAD has 12 highly responsive trigger pads (including an X/Y pad) that are perfect both for laptop DJs and drum programming because of its roll and flam functions that provides unique interface ideal for realistic drum programming. It is USB powered, and is also capable of sending both notes and MIDI control data.

The nanoPAD also has a Chord Trigger function that lets you enter chords onto a single pad, which helps you to make the most of the work surface as you create. The pad also makes a great interface for soloing or muting tracks because it can transmit control change messages. You can turn objects on and off, or trigger clips during your live performances.

Finally, Korg wraps the MIDI bundle with the nanoKONTROL. It offers 9 faders, 9 knobs, 18 switches plus a full transport section for expansive control. That means that is the perfect DAW and plug-in control, although it also has a note input mode that will help you lay down your next big groove.

For each of the four programmable scenes that the nanoKONTROL offers, you have the freedom to set the controllers any way you need them. That means that you can send a total of 168 different MIDI Control Change messages and MIDI notes using the switches. Each of the 6 transport buttons can send either MIDI Control Change messages or MMC messages to control functions like start, stop, loop, or record on your DAW software.

Thanks to the Korg MIDI Bundle, taking full control over the quality of music that you create is now possible.

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Over The Tops: High Top Sneakers

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byAlma Abell

One of the familiar types of athletic shoes that come in and out of vogue is the high top. High top sneakers have an allure that appeals to athletes and fashionistas alike. Worn by musicians, street performers, movie personalities and the average American, high tops are a sneaker with their roots firmly in sports. Yet, before discussing its history, it’s important to understand what this shoe actually is.

What are High Tops?

High tops are athletic shoes that do not end at the ankle. Instead, they exhibit a cut that extends some distance beyond it. As a result, the collar of the shoe affords some protection to the ankle. Its intent is to provide some stability, particularly during an activity such as basketball or skateboarding.

High Top Sneakers often feature padded tongue as well as high lacing. This increases the support while giving these casual sneakers a distinctive look. The colors and material have changed from plain black and white canvas to more vibrant blues, bright reds, shocking pinks and even camouflage often executed in rubber, suede, leather and a variety of fabrics.

A Brief History of High Tops

Basketball claims the high top as its own. While there is some dispute, the first high top appeared in 1921. Its creator was the then Converse Rubber Shoe Company, but its reason for fame was an American basketball player, Chuck Taylor. He was a member of the Converse All Stars. Taylor wore the shoes in basketball games and used them in his basketball clinics in high schools throughout the country.

During his time with Converse, he not only sold the shoes, he improved them. Converse recognized his contributions during the 1930s. His signature became an integral part of the design. The shoes quickly became known as “Chucks.”

The high top sneaker became the basketball shoe. The favorite of many basketball stars, even during the 1980s and 1990s. Today, they are around in classic and unique form. No longer ruling the world of basketball, they nevertheless have found popularity on the street. Since their inception, these athletic shoes have found their way into the main stream. There are now a part of the line-up of many brand name sneakers manufacturers.

Makers of High Top SneakersThere are many different manufacturers of high top sneakers in today’s marketplace. Many of them can be found as part of the inventory any online sneaker store. Among the more common products are:

  • Adidas
  • And1
  • Blackstone
  • Converse
  • Nike
  • Puma
  • Radii
  • Reebok
  • Rocket Dog
  • Steve Madden

Prices range. Check online to find the best deals possible for high top sneakers that suit you and match your taste.

What A Student Can Expect When Taking Tango Dance Lessons In Kingwood Tx

byAlma Abell

Few dance routines convey a sensual vibe and feeling like the tango, and though it is trendy there few individuals who know how to master this style of dance. A school that offers Tango Dance Lessons Kingwood TX can provide anyone with the ability to perform the tango with confidence and flair. Here is a quick overview of the basics of learning the tango, and why it is an excellent routine for both beginners and novices alike.

It Starts With The Embrace

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It may seem like a simple notion, but the most notable feature of the tango is the embrace of the two partners at the very start. The dancers will typically face one another with their hands interlocked and their arms extended. The leader usually chooses which arm to extend up and which one to extend down, though typically the left is elevated while the right is at a lower position.

Feel That Rhythm

The tango is a very personal form of dance, and though Tango Dance Lessons Kingwood TX can help with the basics, it is important to feel the beat of the music and allow the hips and shoulders to move freely. Another important caveat is to maintain perfect posture throughout the dance, as it will give the dance a more crisp appearance and help to prevent injury as the dance progress to more advanced steps.

Integrate Flair

One of the most exciting things about the tango is that an individual can make it their own by customizing the dance with a variety of embellishments. Most Americanized versions of the dance include rocks, which replace a standard dance step and can add a smooth visual appeal. The highlight of any tango dance routine is the incorporation of various swivels and turns, which are typically initiated by the leader, and are then mirrored by the follower.

Anyone who is looking to rock the dance floor or get their exercise through a fun and exciting method should consider taking professional dance lessons. The variety of courses available from Fred Astaire Dance Studios makes it easy for anyone to master nearly any style of dance. Stop by today to learn more and take the first step in turning a love of dance into an exciting hobby.