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Bariatric Medicine: A Holistic Approach To Obesity Management

Bariatric medicine is a specialized branch of medicine that primarily focuses on the treatment and management of obesity and related disorders. It provides a comprehensive approach dealing with the biological, behavioural, and psychological aspects of obesity, thereby enhancing the overall well-being of individuals.

Bariatric medicine is particularly relevant in today’s world where obesity rates are skyrocketing. According to the World Health Organization, close to 650 million adults were obese in 2016. Additionally, this rate is expected to increase in the coming years. Obesity is not just about aesthetics and body image, it is a serious public health issue that can lead to numerous complications such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and even certain cancers.

Treatment modalities in bariatric medicine include lifestyle modifications, medication, and when necessary, surgery. Bariatric surgery, commonly known as weight loss surgery, is recommended for those whose obesity is severe or for those with a high Body Mass Index (BMI) coupled with related health issues. This surgery works on the premise of making physical changes to the stomach or intestine to limit the amount of food one can eat or digest.

Common Types of Bariatric Surgery

The most frequently performed types of bariatric surgeries are Gastric Bypass, Sleeve Gastrectomy, and Adjustable Gastric Band. In Gastric Bypass, the surgeon creates a small pocket in the stomach and connects it directly to the small intestine. This both restricts food intake and reduces nutrient absorption. Sleeve Gastrectomy involves removing around 80% of the stomach, which ultimately reduces the amount of food an individual can consume. Adjustable Gastric Band, on the other hand, positions an inflatable band around the upper portion of the stomach to create a smaller stomach pouch, thus limiting food intake.

Weight Loss Surgery Revision

While bariatric surgeries often yield significant weight loss, some patients may require a weight loss surgery revision CA (corrective adjustment). This can occur for a variety of reasons such as inadequate weight loss, weight regain, or medical complications related to the initial surgery.

In regards to the weight loss surgery revision CA, the type of revisional surgery chosen depends on the initial surgery, the reason for the revision, and the patient’s overall health condition. Some might need a simple adjustment while others may need to change the type of surgical procedure entirely. Hence, it’s essential to consult with a bariatric surgeon to determine the best course of action.


Bariatric medicine thus offers hope for those battling obesity. It provides comprehensive care, treatment, and management strategies which can significantly improve quality of life. Bariatric surgery, an integral part of this medical field, has proven effective in helping patients achieve significant weight loss and improve or eliminate obesity-related conditions. However, as with all medical procedures, there can sometimes be a need for adjustments or revisions, especially for those who did not achieve the desired outcome from the initial procedure.

Remember, the journey towards a healthier life does not end with surgery. It is imperative to adopt a healthier lifestyle including balanced diet and regular exercise, along with recommended post-surgery follow-ups to maintain long-term weight loss and overall health improvement.

Bariatric Surgery: A Path To Health &Amp; Wellness

Bariatric surgery is a medical procedure performed to assist people who are suffering from obesity to lose weight. The operation aids in weight loss by either reducing the size of the stomach with a gastric band or by removing a portion of the stomach, which is known as a Gastrectomy, or by resecting and rerouting your small intestines to a small stomach pouch, which is termed as a Gastric Bypass. Among these methods, a type of gastrectomy, the gastric sleeve surgery, is gaining popularity owing to its efficiency and minimally invasive technique.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

The gastric sleeve surgery, also known as Sleeve Gastrectomy, is a surgical weight-loss procedure where the doctor removes almost 80% of your stomach, leaving a banana-shaped section that is closed with staples. The new, smaller stomach is about the size of a banana. It limits the amount of food you can eat by making you feel full after eating small amounts of food.

After surgery, weight loss occurs quickly. Most weight loss occurs within the first year post-operation. This procedure can also improve or resolve many obesity-related conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and more.

Is Bariatric Surgery Suitable for Everyone?

Nobody should undertake the decision to have bariatric surgery lightly. It requires a lifelong commitment to diet and exercise, in addition to an annual medical check-up. The preoperative evaluation includes multiple tests, along with discussions about the risks and benefits of the procedure.

Generally, bariatric surgery could be an option for you if your body mass index (BMI) is 40 or higher (extreme obesity). It might also be an option if your BMI is 35 to 39.9 (obesity), and you have a serious weight-related health problem, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, or severe sleep apnea.

Cost of Bariatric Surgery

The cost is a significant factor that may impact your decision to have bariatric surgery. Various factors contribute to the total cost of surgery. These include surgical fees, hospital fees, anesthesiology fees, pre-operative laboratory test fees, and fees for follow-up care for a certain period after surgery. It’s also essential to consider the uninsured expenses, such as dietary counseling, vitamin and mineral supplements, fitness, physiotherapy, and more.

Moreover, the fees rise with the complexity and sophistication of the procedure. In the United States, the average cost of Gastric Bypass Surgery is USD 23,000, Lap Band is USD 14,500, and Gastric Sleeve costs USD 14,900. However, it varies widely from state to state.

Specifically, for the people living in California, it’s worth noting that the average gastric sleeve surgery cost los angeles ranges between $10,000 and $20,000.

The prices given above are averages, which do not include ancillary or related medical expenses. There are many affordable options, offers, and bundle packages available when it comes to bariatric surgery that prove to be cost-effective in the longer run. Further, numerous financing options and insurance coverage are available for eligible patients.

In Conclusion

Bariatric surgery, specifically gastric sleeve surgery, offers a potentially life-saving opportunity for weight loss when diet and exercise have failed, and health is in jeopardy. Although the cost can seem high, the benefits of improved health and quality of life are priceless. If you are considering bariatric surgery, consult with a specialist to discuss treatment options, risks, benefits, and related costs to make an informed decision.

Finding Out About Weight Loss Surgery In Mexico

Finding Out About Weight Loss Surgery In Mexico


Tyrion Lannister

When a person has become morbidly obese, his health is at risk. It will be important for that person to find a solution. If a solution is not found, it is likely that the individual will have illnesses and die earlier. This can be especially tragic when that individual has a family. He or she will not want to leave loved ones without a parent. The problem is that in many cases the person who is obese has tried for many years to overcome the problem. Perhaps the individual has become more prone to weight problems because of genetics. Perhaps the person suffers from depression and eats to try to make himself feel better. The reasons for wanting to overcome the weight problem do not matter. The most important thing is that the person finds help to get rid of the weight. If a person just has a few pounds to lose then it is likely that he will be able to get rid of the weight without help. If that person has been morbidly obese for many years, however, he will need the help of a professional in order to overcome the weight problem. One thing that might be considered is to have a weight loss surgery in Mexico.


Weight loss surgery in Mexico can make all of the difference in the life of one who is obese. The surgery there is nothing to be feared. The surgeons in Mexico are just as good as those in other locations. They know how to help a person with his weight loss needs. The most common type of weight loss surgery in Mexico is the bariatric surgery. This surgery actually reduces the size of the stomach. A band is placed on the stomach which reduces the size of the stomach. This causes the person to become full much more quickly. Because the size of the area of the available stomach has shrunk, so will the meals. This will lead to less caloric intake and will also lead to weight loss. For those who want to know more about this surgery it would be a good idea to contact a surgeon who is now performing weight loss surgery in Mexico. He will be able to listen to the concerns of the individual and will be able to answer questions about costs and other areas. Some people choose to go to Mexico and look into the matters in person while others may choose to call.

The most common reason that people choose to go to Mexico to perform the surgery is the price. The prices that are charged in Mexico are often a fraction of the prices charged for the surgeries that are performed in the United States. The cost is cheaper but the surgery will be identical. Many patients find that with the increased savings they are able to spend money for other things. This could be a good way to spend additional money on a gym membership or on health food supplements to keep a person healthy. Many of those who undergo the surgery actually make many life changes. They change their eating habits, their exercise habits, and perhaps even most importantly, their outlook on life. Many of the people who were previously depressed and and pessimistic have changed to become more optimistic and happy in their lives. Family members and friends will often find that the person is more enjoyable to be around. This can be a life changing experience for people in many ways. The change could all start by having a weight loss surgery in Mexico by one of these qualified surgeons.

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Surgery For Weight Loss Dispelling The Misconceptions

Surgery for Weight Loss – Dispelling The Misconceptions



Weight loss surgical procedures are not a new technique, but it can be used by those who are very over-weight to help them take back control. This may seem like an strange thing to do for those who are unaware of it, but it may be a sensible option for a percentage of people with serious weight problems. This is one of those matters where there is content that can be incompatible which detracts from clarity and the facts. Every now and then you will observe a news story about the dreadful results of somebody, but there are also success stories out there, too. But like many other things on the web, some tales have turned into something that no longer look like the facts. If you are considering this alternative, then it is your obligation to make sure you uncover accurate information. There is also no replacement for getting information first hand, when possible, from men and women who had this surgery.


Even medical procedures that are already done a million times have certain dangers associated with them. Despite having a high degree of assurance, sometimes unpleasant events happen with surgery. Another excellent and obvious point is to only use the services of a skilled surgeon. All careers have a wide selection of people who bring various talents and abilities with them. You will feel more certain about everything if you are using a physician with a good track record and has experience. Then there’s the point about considering the dangers between having the treatment or maintaining your present level of weight.

Many people may naturally believe they will be thin forever after weight reduction surgery. Well, that thought is completely untrue because the same problems and principles of weight gain still are present. The range of choices is open to you including losing more weight up to gaining a lot more weight. It will continue being important to use sound and wholesome eating habits. So this really not some kind of miracle pill that gets anyone off the hook. What this approach does is return the person to a point where they can take better care of themselves. What this means is specific behaviors and types of thinking will really need to be managed so the condition is under control.

Something you may have read is that appetite seems to be absent following weight loss surgery. That is not precisely true despite the fact that the hunger feeling is not instantly experienced after the surgery. The scenario is such that the thought processes about hunger will remain in the person’s mind. So what we have been discussing are the profoundly ingrained thoughts that are linked to the old habits. As predicted, there will be a time during which things are changing inside the patient. One thing which is expected and experienced, at least at first, is there is truly no need to eat a lot to feel full. It will take probably over a year for sensations for really being hungry to come back.

Is your current diet making you fat? What you don’t know CAN grind weight loss to a halt.

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