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Collecting Charm Bracelets For Girls

Collecting Charm Bracelets For Girls


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Collecting charm bracelets for girls is a creative and uniquely personal gift giving idea.

Unlike any other gift, charm bracelets tell a visual story about that person\’s life and interests. Each new charm has it\’s own meaning and purpose. It\’s a wonderful way to cheerfully blend the passage of time, memorable events and expressions of love and friendship into a single piece of beautiful jewelry. There are very few gifts that touch the heart of the recipient like a charm bracelet.

It\’s interesting that the history of charms and charm collecting dates back to ancient times. The first charm bracelets were made of wood, metals and precious stones. Egyptian pharaohs collected charm bracelets as a sign of status. They continued to wear them in their tombs to guide the Gods with their rightful position in the afterlife.

Today\’s collectors are no less inspired and continue the long tradition of creating charm bracelets for girls and women in their lives. Adding charms to a friends bracelet is a fun and easy way to grow a relationship.

Whether large or small, there is a charm bracelet that will match every budget.


People starting a collection for themselves or others might want to consider these helpful tips:

Decide on whether you want your bracelet to be gold, silver or another material like leather or woven string.

Choose a category of charms that interests you and expresses your unique personality. There are many choices such as flowers, sports, life events, pets and animals, etc.

Let others know the what charms you are interested in collecting.

As charms are added, keep a list of the date received, the occasion and the gift giver.

Here are some great gift ideas to begin

charm bracelets for girls

of all ages and stages of their lives.

Preschool Children: Have some fun and show the kids how to make a charm bracelet by cutting out the letters from a cereal box and thread them through yarn or light string. They\’ll love them.

Tweens and Teens: Mom\’s, Dad\’s and grandparents can get begin a new tradition by starting a charm bracelet collection for their daughters or grand daughters first teen birthday. Begin by simply choosing a \”favorites\” theme like sports, pets, church, school, holiday, music or many others to personalize the bracelet. This is a gift that will have special meaning and be cherished throughout the years.

Best Friends: What better way is there to show your friendship than to share your memories together with a charm bracelet? Each friend begins by giving the other a charm bracelet. With time, each can add new charms that are reminders of the time and places they shared together.

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