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Facial Moles And Meaning

Facial Moles and Meaning


James Tien

The Chinese Almanac, lesser known by its proper name of Tung Shu, is crammed with fascinating information about dates, both good and bad. The topics of codes, symbols and astrology are also covered in detail. Wise sages and Chinese philosophers of old contributed much of its content. One particular subject of interest is the information on the face moles meaning.


Believes are moles on the face holds interesting meanings. This will merely apply to a noticeable single mole. Things that will not count will be small moles, freckles, acne and spots. The location of the noticeable mole would be the main key point to the meaning. The first three positions are located right in the middle of the forehead. A mole in any of these positions on a child is believed to be a sign of rebellion. It is also a sign that the child is creative and has a serene attitude to life. Adults with a mole in the center of their forehead are believed to be successful and independent in business. A mole positioned slightly above and centered between the eyebrows can recognize flamboyant people with effervescent personalities. On the other side, these people can be difficult and argumentative, although forgiving. Removal of this growth is believed to tone down the persons attitude to a more peaceful one. It the growth is located above the center of one eyebrow, you are probably a lucky person. However, you will likely have to work a bit harder than other people do. People may be jealous of you; therefore, you have to look after your assets. Be careful as to not be tempted into joining get-rich-quick schemes and remain in control of your finances. The sixth position is right in the hairs of the eyebrow. This is a sign of creativity and intelligence being a probable source of good wealth. Much wealth could be gained from trusting instincts as opposed to making decisions that are more conservative. Successful use of this gift belongs only to the brave. There are twenty-three different facial locations where spots or growths might occur. Some may indicate your personality, spirituality, health, wealth and even your future. For instance, a growth under your nose could indicate that your children and grandchildren will have good luck and that your family supports you. A mole in spot twenty, right in the middle between your eyes could be either highly lucky or highly unlucky. While you are very intelligent and creative, you may use it to have a positive or a negative impact. You probably do not forgive very easily. According to the book, these are the face moles meaning.

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