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How To Be An Indispensable Real Estate Virtual Assistant

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Submitted by: Dharminder Kumar

Today a high number of real estate professionals have a Real Estate Virtual Assistant as part of their team. This makes the Real Estate VA industry an increasingly competitive one. If you are a Real Estate Virtual Assistant who wants to find ways to serve your client better so as to become indispensable to them, here are a few tips:

1.Know your client s business inside and out. It is not enough to just know your job and do it well; familiarize yourself with all aspects of your client s business so you can find more ways to help them run it more smoothly and efficiently. Learn about real estate trends and developments especially in the area your client serves so you can suggest ways for them to stay ahead of the game. They will appreciate your effort in going the extra mile.

2.Take ownership of your work. Perform each task you are assigned as if you were the business owner; with the right mindset, you can give each task your 100% and the result will be a higher quality of work and increased productivity. Be protective of your client s business; look out for its best interest as if it were your own.


3.Be a person of integrity. Most people have to start at the bottom when entering a new profession, and the same may be true for you. However, prove yourself to be trustworthy and reliable with even the most mundane tasks and as time goes by your client will gain the confidence to entrust you with more important and critical tasks. Establish yourself as someone they can trust and on whom they can depend, and this may lead to great career growth opportunities for you.

4.Never stop learning. Develop a thirst for knowledge and the desire to continuously improve. You may think you are already a good employee who does their work well, but there are always new ways to do old tasks better, faster, more cost-effectively or more efficiently. Push yourself to keep learning and to stay competitive; this will not only benefit your client but yourself as well, as this is one great way to keep your job fresh and never boring.

5.Maintain a good working relationship with your client. Despite the fact that you work remotely and do not see your client face to face on a daily basis, with constant communication you can establish a healthy working relationship with them. Keep in touch with them regularly through email or by phone make sure you are always on the same page. Establish rapport simply by wishing them a good day or telling them to enjoy their weekend before you sign off at the end of the day.

These are just a few tips you can practice to become a better Real Estate Virtual Assistant. There are many more things you can do to become indispensable to your client, but start with some of the above and you are off to a great start.

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