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Primary School Education Lays A Perfect Foundation For Further Studies

Primary School Education Lays a Perfect Foundation for Further Studies


Kamala Dev

Primary school education is one of the most important stages in a student s life and is the first phase of compulsory education. Also known as elementary education, primary school learning is preceded by nursery education and followed by secondary education. In Chennai Public School, we understand that primary school education plays a crucial part in laying the foundation for a child s education. Therefore, we are committed to help every student in achieving basic literacy and numerical skills in the early years of their school life, while learning subjects like mathematics, science, history and geography.

Primary school education

helps a child to learn the basics and then advance to high school or secondary level.


Primary school learning is very important for every child to effectively attain basic levels of literacy. The curriculum of Chennai Public School allows each student to enjoy school life to the fullest, while giving the opportunity to realize his/her potential as a unique individual. Apart from preparing a student for further education and lifelong learning, we help him/her to develop as a social being by co-operating with others and contributing to the betterment of the society. By providing good education in a safe environment, the school also offers different opportunities and activities to boost confidence and self-esteem of every student. Education lays the foundation for a student s future and cultivates the joy of learning within him/her. As the elementary education starts as early as the pre kindergarten level, students grow both emotionally and socially.

Chennai Public School understands the development level of different children and designs an individualized and meaningful school curriculum that is easy to understand and useful for their growth. By imparting strong foundational and social skills, the school helps the students to learn better in the middle school and high school level. While the learner-centered curriculum of the school gives utmost importance to literacy, language and numeracy, it makes sure that the students are educated on personal, social and health issues as well. In primary school education, the teachers try to make the subject interesting for the students rather than just pushing the ideas in a routine manner. They combine classroom study with activities and practical knowledge, and also make use of audio-visual medium to make learning more easy and interesting for the students.

Primary schooling in Chennai Public School is not only limited to academics but also includes many extra-curricular activities such as sports, yoga, meditation and more for children. This ensures good mental as well as physical development of the students. Different competitions and group activities conducted in the school are not only thrilling for them but these also teach the students to work as a team and instill in them the spirit of team work, competition and success. Therefore, primary school education is an essential phase in every student s life. Good primary education will propel their learning in the later stages of school life and improve their academic performance.

Kamala Dev is an academician and columnist who writes about

primary school education

that introduce novel concepts of learning. She has taught in Top Higher Secondary school and also been a teacher guardian in Best CBSE School.

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