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Soaking Up The Myriad Delights Of Amsterdam}

Soaking Up the Myriad Delights of Amsterdam


Roberta Stuart

Heading on a short break to the beautiful Dutch capital of Amsterdam? City hotel breaks are the ideal way to spend a few days in this lovely destination, soaking up the warm and friendly atmosphere and visiting all the cultural and recreational attractions on offer. From the wide, meandering canals and gently turning windmills, to the incredible number of interesting museums and the entertaining Red Light District, Amsterdam has something for everyone. The streets buzz with a positive vibe while locals pedal bicycles through the city at a leisurely and laid back pace. The relaxed atmosphere that exudes from every corner definitely contributes to the fascinating allure of Amsterdam.

City hotel breaks are becoming more and more popular, with most providing a range of top class, comfortable and well-located accommodation options to choose from. Your Amsterdam city hotel will be in keeping with the typical high standards of the Netherlands, and will be comfortable, spacious and very accommodating. Many hotels have bars, restaurants and spa or fitness facilities free for guests to use.

A Few Days Break in Amsterdam

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City hotels are certainly convenient but one of their main assets is the excellent staff available to help with any information or bookings for excursions required. It is a great idea to book museum visits, canal trips or tour guides in advance so you are not disappointed.

This city is certainly one of the most modern, exciting and colourful in Europe and is well known for its liberal and accepting attitudes that have the rest of Europe appearing slightly stuffy and a little old fashioned. It is the progressive and forward thinking ideals that make it such a happy, safe and exposed city.

It has always been an eclectic place, attracting artists and famous people throughout the ages; the city has several excellent museums that tell its story and enlighten the visitor. The main art museum is that of Van Gogh. The exhibitions are housed in two buildings, one built by a Dutch architect and the other by a Japanese one. The museum holds some fine work and the works inside tell more about the life and work of an interesting yet somewhat troubled artist.

The countrys largest selection of artefacts is held in the Rijksmuseum, which was opened in 1885. In the middle of a mammoth restructure, the museum has been refined with only a small number of exhibits on show until the new build re-opens. Rembrandts Night Watch and Vermeers Kitchen Maid are part of the collection still on show here, so a trip to the museum will certainly not be wasted.

The best way to see the architecture of the city is by canal. Relax on the lazy waterways and watch the city world go by as you kick back, enjoy a drink and contemplate the more tranquil side of city life in the Dutch capital.

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Soaking Up the Myriad Delights of Amsterdam}