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The Pros And Cons Of Shot Guns In Gilbert For Home Defense


In today’s reality of school shootings, home invasions, and attacks for no apparent reason, more citizens are turning to purchasing some type of gun for home protection. The debate about whether citizens should even be allowed to own guns is raging on, and still people are buying everything from pistols to Shot Guns in Gilbert to protect their homes and the families that they love. The choice of home defense weapon is under debate as well, but many people feel that shot guns are better when it comes to stopping someone from entering their home.

As with any type of home defense, however, Shot Guns in Gilbert have their own set of pros and cons. You can read on below for a few of those pros and cons to help you make the right decision for you and your family.

Pro: Packs More of a Punch

According to experts, a shotgun packs more of a punch inside than a pistol does. The pellets of a shotgun cover more distance, so even if you are not the best at target practice, you have a better chance of hitting your target.

Con: Difficult to Use

A shotgun can be hard to use in tight spaces. For example, if you have a child to protect, it is going to be hard to have one hand on that child and shoot the shotgun at your attacker. You need both hands to shoot a shotgun, whereas with a pistol you only need one.

Pro: You don’t have to get to Close

With a shotgun, you don’t have to get close to your attacker to shoot them. With a pistol, you have to be extremely accurate and aim well. You can’t stand across the room and hope to hit your target with a pistol.

These are just a few of the pros and cons of owning a shotgun for home defense. Weigh them carefully, before you make a decision, as any type of firearm can be a dangerous weapon. You can also visit Pistol Parlour for more information today on guns and gun safety.