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Types Of Shutters For Your Home}

Submitted by: JOSEPH ZAMMIT

Looking beyond the ordinary when it comes to dressing up windows or doors, most people generally think venetian blinds. However, theres a whole world out there that stretches beyond venetian blinds.

There was a time when the word shutter was something you generally associated with hurricanes and storms. But selecting and fitting the right type of window shutters will compliment your personal style and heighten the appeal of your building or home especially buildings and homes with traditional and historical designs.

Heres an architectural style guide:

For Victorian style homes, select flat panels or Louvered shutters or Plantation Shutters. Types of Louvered shutters include aluminium shutters, plantation shutters, basswood shutters, cedar shutters and smart wood shutters.

For Italianate style homes especially stone texture and the arch top windows, select radial-top louvered shutters. The best place to buy these would be at Apollo Roman Blinds and External Louvre Shutters (, ask them for custom top shutters.


For Colonial or Federal type homes select a mix of panels and operable louvers i.e. panels for the ground floor and operable louvers for the floors above.

For Georgian style homes choose (pitch black and slate stone) louvers or a recessed or raised panels placed along the windows.

For homes of Spanish or Mediterranean designs, Board and Batten shutters, such as Plantation Shutters Australia are the perfect match because they contribute to the allure or Mediterranean or Spanish design.

For Ranch or Cape Cod style homes you can choose any type of shutter that compliments your design preferences. Most designers go with Board and Batten shutters because they add character but Panels and Louvers will look equally wonderful.

Finally, before you go out and select your shutters, you should first decide on a panel configuration and then decide which shutter style to use.

The shutters:

Louvre Shutters are available in a wide choice of materials ranging from aluminium to handcrafted timber to faux wood.

Modern day Louvre Shutters or Aluminium Shutters are chip resistant; powder coated and can span wider areas than traditional shutters.

Plantations Shutters at Apollo Blinds, Australia are available in Western Red Cedar or Basswood Timber.

Basswood Shutters are made from Basswood which is a medium density timber (being neither too heavy nor too light) and therefore ideal for making Custom Basswood Shutters and shutters. The timber is kiln dried to about 10% moisture.

Cedar Shutters are made from Western Red Cedar and are available in blends of light to medium and medium to dark. They can be ordered with an oiled or painted finish as standard.

Imported from Canada, Venetian Blinds offer the best insulation properties and has a lovely natural colour, wood grain and texture variation throughout.

Smartwood or Plantation Shutters are made with either Eco wood or Duratec. The former is PVC made from polymer foam. It is a solid, non-toxic, synthetic material. Duratec has the polymer blade but is combined with the lightweight Western Red Cedar frame.

Roller Shutters combine the smooth good looks of the Ecoguard Roller Shutters system with the privacy and sense of security we all need in todays world. European designed and made in Australia, Apollos Roller Shutters & Roller Blinds Melbourne are tailor made to fit your windows.

About the Author: Apollo Blinds since 1988 specialises in custom made, affordable quality blinds, awnings and shutters for commercial and domestic. A Stylish look and feel is a big part of what makes your house a home. At Apollo we are experts in combining real craftsmanship with the precision of modern technology, to create the solutions you would like for living, working or exterior spaces.Visit Here For More Information :


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