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Using The Powerful Instagram Walls To Engage Attendees At Events}

Using The Powerful Instagram Walls to Engage Attendees At Events


Sara Brooke

Instagram walls are essentially social media walls that are used by event organizers to display the live social media feed from Instagram. This Instagram feed contains several posts and photos and the posts that are tagged with the events hashtag are filtered out and are then shown on the social wall signage that are installed at various locations in the event.

Instagram being a photo display platform is capable of displaying live Instagram content in real-time. These walls also have the feature to display favorite posts as highlights or posts that carry important event details and updates as highlights.

Instagram walls are a popular concept thats used by event organizers to generate buzz and interaction at the event space. These are an engaging concept for people to stay glued to for event updates, social sharing and feedback or experience sharing etc. Due to their attractive display and engaging and interactive format, Instagram walls promote increased social sharing by event attendees.


As and when users post to the Instagram walls using the events hashtag, this encourages other event attendees to post to the wall too. Reason social buzz, viewing ones own post on the wall publicly make the audience feel privileged. Here, it must be observed by event organizers and brands that apart from the branded branding that takes places from the event organizers end, the brand followers and event attendees also serve as excellent marketers and generate a surplus of rich user-generated content.

Things To Know Before Plunging Into the Live Instagram Wall

The concept of the Instagram photo display tool sounds flawless by now. Doesnt it?

However, there are certain things a brand or an event organizer must bear in mind before beginning their marketing and promotion for the event.

Live Instagram walls can only display feeds that have been tagged with the events hashtag. This here poses a problem because a majority of the event audience forgets the event hashtag or simply doesnt remember to do Instagram posts by using it. This way, the event will not generate social buzz and trend and will simply be like any other event.

Considering this, brands must aim at publicizing and promoting their event hashtag in and around the event. Attempts must be made by the brand to familiarize the audience with the event hashtag a couple of days before the event is set to kick-start. The brand must aim at designing a catchy and easy hashtag that is easy to remember by the event attendees. Simple reminders in the form of social posts, event banners and social wall highlight scan be used by brands to prompt and refresh the event attendees memory and encourage them to share posts to Instagram via the hashtag.

Displaying Instagram posts live in an event is a new concept with the power-packed tools – Instagram walls. Challenging the traditional methods of marketing and giving way to new methods for promotion and campaigning is the Instagram photo display tool. Instagram walls are the concept of tapping the power of social media and social sharing and using that energy for event campaigning.

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Instagram Walls

and their advantages that how they can increase audience engagement at event.

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