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Auto And Car Upholstery Fabric Cleaning Removing Cat Urine Odors Candy Blood Fruit Stains

By Tom I Stables

Removing spots and stains on auto upholstery is one task owners of new cars or owners of premium used vehicles are really irked by. The stain should not have happened.

It could have been prevented in a moment by any care or foresight. Yet here we are and one can only make the best of it. Sure there are professional products or you can rent a rug / upholstery steam cleaning unit or buy a can of special cleaner yet do you want to subject your new truck, SUV or automobile’s upholstery and insides to residual soap materials to collect more dust and grime or do you want solvents and chemicals deleterious to your health inside your passenger unit? Just what can you easily, in a non-toxic way and simply?

First one very serious situation that has to have immediate action is when battery acid somehow inadvertently gets on upholstery. Immediately apply ordinary household ammonia, saturating the area fully. Permit the ammonia to remain on the spot so that it will have more than ample time to neutralize the auto battery acids. Finally rinse the spot by rubbing with a clean cloth saturated with cold water.


In the case of chewing gum, a situation not as crucially time sensitive as the battery acid, first harden the gum with a frozen ice cube, from your fridge freezer. Next after good and cold fully scrape off the particles with a dull knife edge. If the gum cannot be removed fully and completely with this method, moisten it with benzene and work it from the fabric with that dull knife while the gum is still good and moist.

Fruit stains and stains from liquor from summer time partying; can usually be removed with simple hot water dissolving the stain or stains. Wet the stains well by applying hot water to the spot with a clean cloth. If the spot and stain is an old one that is set in good into the fabric itself it may be necessary to pour very hot steaming water directly onto the spot, and then follow by scraping and rubbing. However, care must be exercises as hot water in many cases will and can discolor the fabric. Don’t rush in and be heroic. Attempt serious worked in fruit stains conservatively.

To remove blood spots, wash the stain with a clean cloth, j-cloth or paper towel saturated with frigid cold water until no more stain can be removed. Then, if necessary apply a small amount of ordinary household ammonia, from your local supermarket or big box hardware store, using a brush or cloth. Finally rub the stain again, slowly carefully and conservatively with a clean cloth or paper towel saturated with water. Don’t overdo it.

For “blood stains” never use hot water or soap to remove the staining. Hot water will permanently “set “the blood stained areas, thereby making them permanent and impossible to remove.

Lastly candy and sugar based “sticky” stains and residue can be somewhat easily removed. One point these types of damage to your upholstery are treated very differently than chocolate candy marks are. Remove the sugar residues by rubbing the affected areas with a cloth or paper toweling soaked in very hot water. If deemed necessary this can be followed with a volatile solvent based cleaner. If necessary professional formulations are available at auto supply stores. That should do it. In the second case of chocolate based marks, use a dull cloth soaked in lukewarm sap suds and scrape while still wet, using a dull knife edge.

Many auto owners are so impressed when their car arrives professionally cleaned up and detailed. Its amazing that used cars that are sold by used car lots, professionally detailed yet with a little bit of effort, thoroughness, elbow grease and relatively easy to obtain household cleaners most cars, truck and SUV owners can do the job themselves.

About the Author: Tom I. Stables

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