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Mary Kay Microdermabrasion: Your Secret Weapon For Youthful Skin

By David Faulkner

It’s a fact that the appearance of our skin begins to show signs of aging as we get older. Most of us don’t want our skin’s appearance to give away our age. The Mary Kay microdermabrasion kit is an affordable option for restoring your skin to its youthful best without the expense of a trip to the spa or dermatologist.

With the help of Mary Kay microdermabrasion, in the privacy of your own home, you can wipe away the layer of dead skin that is keeping your skin from looking its best.

The Benefits of Mary Kay Microdermabrasion

Even if you cleanse your face properly every day, your skin still carries with it the telltale signs of aging brought on by exposure to the elements and the simple passing of time. It is the outermost layers of skin that take on the appearance of aging as time goes by.

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Underneath the top layer of skin is beautiful and fresh skin that hasn’t been exposed to the elements. With the effective Mary Kay microdermabrasion two-step process, you will be able to polish away the damaged layer, and your complexion will immediately take on a more youthful appearance.

Mary Kay microdermabrasion is one of the most popular at home microdermabrasion kits. Mary Kay microdermabrasion is easy to apply. It does not even require any type of applicator or resurfacing tool.

To enjoy the benefits of Mary Kay Microdermabrasion, you will simply massage the refining cream, specially formulated with beads of titanium hydroxide, into your skin with your fingers, using small circular motions. For more info see

on Microdermabrasion Kits.

The smooth crystals of titanium hydroxide will quickly and painlessly slough away the dead skin cells that have kept your complexion from looking its best. As the Mary Kay microdermabrasion refining cream takes away the damaged outermost layer of your skin, it also functions to refine your pores.

Use warm water to gently rinse the refining cream from your face, and the damaged layer of your skin will wash away with it. The second step of May Kay microdermabrasion is simply to follow up by applying the refreshing replenishing serum. The soothing vitamin and anti-oxidant rich formula of the Mary Kay microdermabrasion replenishing serum will both soothe an nourish your skin.

The next time you look in the mirror, you will be rewarded with the glow of a more youthful and beautiful complexion, thanks to your Mary Kay microdermabrasion kit.

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Learning More About Face Moles Meaning

Learning More About Face Moles Meaning


James Tien

The Chinese almanac (Tung Shu) is a book that contains some rather interesting dates. These dates are bad and good dates. It is much more complicated than that though. You will find a lot of information about astrology, codes and symbols. Wise sages and ancient Chinese philosophers derived this information. They found a face moles meaning, which is mostly interesting.

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It is believed that facial moles have interesting meanings. However, this only applies to a prominent, single mole. Small moles, spots, freckles and acne do not count. The position of the prominent mole is the key to the meaning thereof. The first three positions are located right in the middle of the forehead. A mole in any of these positions on a child is believed to be a sign of rebellion. It is also a sign that the child is creative and has a serene attitude to life. Adults with a mole in the center of their forehead are believed to be successful and independent in business. A single mole in the center between your eyes, just above your eyebrows, usually is indicative of a flamboyant person with a bubbly personality. However, this person may be argumentative and difficult. However, they are forgiving. It is believed that having the growth removed will result in a more peaceful attitude towards life. It the growth is located above the center of one eyebrow, you are probably a lucky person. However, you will likely have to work a bit harder than other people do. People may be jealous of you; therefore, you have to look after your assets. Be careful as to not be tempted into joining get-rich-quick schemes and remain in control of your finances. The sixth position is right in the hairs of the eyebrow. This is a sign of creativity and intelligence being a probable source of good wealth. Much wealth could be gained from trusting instincts as opposed to making decisions that are more conservative. Successful use of this gift belongs only to the brave. These growths or spots can occur in as much as twenty-three different places. These can indicate your personality, health, future, wealth and spirituality. Growths found under the nose could hold the meaning of your children and grandchildren having good luck. Also means you will be supported by family. If you find the spot in the number twenty position (in the center between your eyes), then it means you are either unlucky or lucky. You would be creative and very intelligent. You could use this in a negative or positive way and you will not forgive easily. This is the face moles meaning according to the book.

James Tien is a Chinese culture writer. He suggests Absolutely Feng Shui for more information on

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Diet For Irritable Bowel Syndrome

By Jessica Bradbury

Each person is different, but there are a few general guidelines to follow on a diet for irritable bowel syndrome. Anyone who suffers from IBS can recall one or two foods that make their IBS symptoms worse. There may be several other unidentifiable foods that may also trigger IBS symptoms.

Try eating several smaller meals throughout the day rather than having three large ones. This may help to reduce IBS symptoms. Some IBS sufferers note that after a large meal they may develop cramping and diarrhea.

Many people also find that it help to keep their meals high in carbohydrates such as pasta, fruits, cereals, whole-grain breads, rice and vegetables. They also want to eat low-fat meals. A high protein, low-fat diet may also help reduce the pain that is experienced after eating.

These are some foods that can trigger attacks of IBS:


Artificial fats

Coconut milk

Dairy products

Fried foods

Dark meat and poultry skin


Artificial sweeteners

Carbonated beverages

Coffee- even decaf

Egg yolks

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Red meat

Solid chocolate


Soluble fiber has various benefits that may help to reduce IBS symptoms. Because fiber seems to keep the colon slightly distended, spasms may be prevented. Fiber absorbs water. This helps the stools from getting too hard so that you may have difficulty in passing them. You should add just enough fiber to your IBS diet so that stools remain soft and are easy to pass. When first going to a high fiber diet, you may notice an increase in bloating and gas. However, these symptoms should subside as your body adjusts which could take a few weeks.

Sources of Soluble Fiber

Here are some sources of soluble fiber that you should consume on your IBS diet:




Fresh peas





Sourdough bread

Brown rice

Dried beans

French bread

Oat bran





These are some foods that may cause excessive gas so you want to try to avoid these on an IBS diet at first. You may then add them slowly back into your diet, one by one, to see if any one is the reason for your symptoms:


Brussels sprouts










Lactose Intolerance

When a body is unable to digest milk sugar, or lactose, the condition is known as lactose intolerance. Some of the symptoms include bloating, gas and even pain. If you suspect that you may be lactose intolerant, then you should avoid milk and all dairy products and see if your symptoms improve. You must be sure that your body receives enough calcium in other ways through calcium supplements or eating other calcium rich foods.


Consuming lactobacillus acidophilus or friendly bacteria may also be an aid in digestion. This helps to maintain the good bacteria in your intestines. You can easily find these good bacteria in yogurt. Yogurt is also a good source of calcium, and is better tolerated than some of the other milk products.

Food Diary

You may be up against a big challenge when it comes down to figuring out what food will either harm or help IBS. When you are on a diet for irritable bowel syndrome, the best thing for you to do is to keep a food journal. You will be able to easily tell which foods are safe to eat and which foods may trigger your IBS symptoms.

Remember to try and stick to your diet for irritable bowel syndrome. You may just be pleasantly surprised at how your symptoms are relieved with the proper diet.

About the Author: Article written by Jessica Bradbury, she has a site dedicated to bottom line information on IBS, including

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