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Accelerated Spinal Muscle Regeneration}

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Submitted by: Zia Khan

Our initial detailed assessment and diagnostic procedure (DSA) identifies the specific deficiencies in muscular strength and flexibility which in-turn cause pain. This medical report provides the basis for a customised treatment program (ASMR), where the identified muscle groups are targeted and isolated through the use of advanced technology to accelerate their regeneration. This provides a lasting cure to chronic back pain that cannot be achieved by painkillers, surgery or any other non-objective means.

Every individual is different. And so, the cause of back pain for everyone is different too. We, at Qi Spine Clinic, understand this very well. That is why our treatment protocols are specially customised for each patient. We devise these protocols based on our expertise with patented diagnostic medical devices and an evidence-based approach to pain relief, improvement of spinal deficiencies and the achievement of your functional goals. As a result, our diagnosis is very accurate and thus, so is our treatment.

Treatment Process

The accuracy in diagnosis has fundamentally helped Qi Spine Clinic make our treatment procedure very precise, and therefore effective, when compared to other treatments. These other treatments typically continue for months, and sometimes years, because they are non-specific. Our highly accurate, digitally administered diagnostic test – the Digital Spine Analysis – highlights the exact deficiencies in your spine and thus, allows for the revolutionary and unique approach to precise treatment of your spine and back problems.

The Qi Spine Clinic has, for the first time in India, provided a treatment option for back pain sufferers that accurately and effectively treats the root cause of back pain. This is a better alternative to other pain relief measures that, eventually, fail to cure back pain in the long run.

Stage 1:


In the first stage, the goal is to stop your back pain from progressing further. This is done by reducing the stress on your spine and by activating targeted spinal muscles that have become dormant due to a sedentary lifestyle. The most important objectives of Stage 1 are –

– Posture and lifestyle corrections.

– Activation of dormant spinal muscles.

– Improvement in the flexibility of your spinal muscles.

– Increase in the coordination between the muscles and nerves.

Stage 2:

Now that your spinal muscles are activated and back pain has reduced, the goal of stage 2 is to gradually increase the stress bearing capacity of your spine and help you to moderately return to your normal lifestyle. This is accomplished by –

– Correction of muscular imbalances.

– Maximizing the load bearing capacity of your spine.

Stage 3:

Now that we have restored your spine’s functionality, the goal is to help you sustain your normal and healthy lifestyle and prevent any recurrence of back pain. This is achieved by –

– Further enhancing the load bearing capacity of the spine.

– Increasing the ability of your body to sustain normal activity.

– Realizing additional higher functional goals as planned previously.

This three-stage treatment process delivers amazing results where you are back to your normal life and experience the complete cure to your back pain.

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