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Convert Panasonic Hdc Hs900 Mts File To Imovie/Final Cut Pro X/Wmm For Editing

Submitted by: Simen Gorden

When you have a travel, you will find that there is one thing most of people will take, what? Camcorder! Camcorder is really a good tool to help you record the beautiful scenery and share them with your friends or the people who also want to travel there. So what camcorder do you have?

What do you think about Panasonic HDC-HS900 camcorder? The HS900 has SD card storage, whereas the HS900 offers the option of SD card recording as well as a 220GB internal hard drive. Panasonic use Crystal Engine PRO. This engine is a fast processor which writes those gigantic HD files to the HDD or SD card quickly and efficiently. It also allows for high-res zooming when exceeding the optical range. In addition, the engine works to reduce image noise, rendering beautiful, life-like images. These two work together to produce 1080/60p footage.

Key features about Panasonic HDC-HS900:


1. The Panasonic HDC HS900 gives a full HD resolution in recording at 1920 1080 at a frame rate of 60 progressive or 60p that gives superb looking video.

2. The HS900 has a huge 220GB internal hard disc drive HDD for over 20 hours of full HD recording at 60p, as well as a SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card slot for even more memory.

3. The Panasonic HDC HS900 is a good size to hold and features a combination of buttons and touch screen to select the controls. So you can easy to use.

About Panasonic HDC HS900:

The good: Generally excellent video quality and a straightforward, if somewhat unglamorous, interface highlight the Panasonic HDC-HS900, TM900, and SD800’s capabilities.

The bad: Wonky white balance and lack of a built-in neutral density filter are the two biggest drawbacks of an otherwise very good series of prosumer camcorders.

The bottom line: Panasonic’s trio of prosumer camcorders, the hard-disk-based HDC-HS900 and flash-based TM900 and SD800, deliver generally excellent video quality and provide the full set of manual controls and features advanced users want. But you have to be willing to baby the white balance a bit. The TM900 is my top pick of the three for its EVF, but if you’re on a tight budget the SD800 should suit just fine.

Even though the Panasonic HDC HS900 with a high price, it is worth to have one, to record high superb video for sharing on the internet or enjoy them on your TV, DVD player. After you recorded video with Panasonic HDC HS900, you can edit them, when the camcorder recorded mts file, to edit with imovie, convert mts to imovie is needed, to edit with final cut pro x, final cut pro x mts conversion also is needed, since imovie and final cut pro is not campatible with mts file. What’s more, mts file also is not friendly with windows movie maker, so to edit the video you should convert mts to wmv, then you can import the converted wmv file into windows movie maker for editing.

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