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What To Expect When Getting Dental Implants In Wichita Ks

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byAlma Abell

One of the biggest issues that can impact your self-esteem and confidence are related to the health of your teeth. If you have a smile that is not beautiful and bright, it can cause you to struggle with your appearance and feel bad about how you look. Luckily, there is a treatment that can help you restore your smile and your self-esteem. While dentures were the only options available in the past, dentists can now use Dental Implants in Wichita KS to help give your smile the appearance you deserve. If the idea makes you nervous, you aren’t alone.The following are a few of the things you can expect when you visit a dentist to get dental implants.


Initial ConsultationBefore the dentist can recommend dental implants, they will first need to conduct an initial examination to make sure that you are a good candidate for the procedure. They will make sure your gums are healthy and that you are in a place where it will not lead to more health related issues upon completion. They will also ask for a list of your medications and check your vitals to help look for underlying health problems.PreparationIn order to position the implants, they will first need to remove all of your teeth and allow your gums to heal. This can take several weeks to complete and can be the most painful part of the process. Talk to a professional about what you can expect after you have all of your existing teeth removed.

Dental Implants

Once your gums have healed, they will then install the implants. The pieces will be anchored to your jaw so they provide you with a realistic look, and feel when chewing. Dental implants can take several hours to properly complete, and the recovery period can be quite extensive, so make sure you have the time available to allow yourself to heal.Don’t let your smile remain a source of embarrassment any longer.

If you think you could benefit from Dental Implants in Wichita KS, make sure you contact Anotine Wakim Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. He and his team will help restore your smile and your confidence. Call them today to schedule your initial patient exam.