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Different Views For The Salary Increase Policy

By Himfr Tian

For a long time, China’s enterprise management costs, office costs are too high, then the pursuit of high profits, only the proportion of low wages. Labor prices, can promote transformation and upgrading of enterprises, but also can promote their business to extend industry chain.

For the salary increase, different perspectives have different judgments. Workers certainly hope that the pay they deserve, the company boss to see the money in fewer unconsciously when they hope the employees understand their situation, so more companies are willing to employ graduates because they are young and full of passion and Pay is not high.

Last October so far, Zibo, Shandong Textile Co., Ltd. Gaoqing clouds wages to workers EADS were mixed twice the average growth rate of 30%, wages of workers per capita growth of production line 500. Dongshi Chang Liu Tianlin that the salary increase is a trend, labor-intensive enterprises must rely solely on low-cost competition from the prior-turn over, optimize product Di processes, reduce labor costs. Meanwhile, enterprises should increase technology funding and management of investment funds to further reduce management costs, improve product technology level, and enhance their core competitiveness.


Yang Yisheng said that the situation at home and abroad have decided that companies can no longer rely on cheap labor to seek survival and development. But we must take into account regional differences, the transformation of labor-intensive enterprises for some help.

Upon his said, speaking from the trend, we must change the ratio of value added services and employment, the low proportion of actively promoting the development of service industries to accept manufacturing industries will increase the organic composition of capital out of the labor surplus. At the same time, he thought more difficult for those labor-intensive small and medium manufacturing enterprises, rising wages, the Government can consider reducing the tax burden on them to enable them to normal operation, Bu Zhiyu bankruptcy close closures, Bimian unemployment Shangsheng.

Human Resources and Social Security spokesman Yin Chengji said the current handle well the relationship between three aspects: First, handle the increase in wages and expanding employment relationship, taking into account the employment impact of wage increases. Second, wage increases and enterprise development, raise labor productivity, I need to strengthen management by promoting enterprise, innovation, raising labor productivity increase workers Gongzi levels, improve employee quality of life, business and workers to achieve the win-win Naizhi win. Third, appropriately handle the increase in wages for workers and the rapid increase in the current interests and long-term interests.

Zhang Jianguo, Minister ACFTU collective contract that, through the establishment of rules to resolve contradictions in labor relations to provide a balance of interests institutionalized mechanism to be addressed in a systematic manner. The total raised all strive to basic in 2012, various companies have trade unions in the collective contract system.

Different views of all walks of life, there are many objections to salary increase, but more comprehensive view of the interests raises and drawbacks. As a staff salary increase is the support for, and no one will Xianqian more, and are squeezed for so long, can finally get a fair treatment .

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