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Legal Associates A Hallmark Of Success In The Various Branches Of Law}

Submitted by: Raj Pardeep Singh

Offering a wide range of multi legal solutions and services across New Zealand, we are a full service law firm covering all the aspects of law and its related activities. Lawyers in Legal Associates are experienced in all the aspects of law and its related activities. With the changing rules and regulations, we are updated with each and every aspect of it. Analysing your need, we offer you the best of solution with our research work providing you with enthusiasm, emotional and moral support (if needed), personal recognition, friendly behaviour etc. Since our inception, we are working for clients and their 100% satisfaction through our services.

We believe in providing qualitative services which are affordable and customised according to the nature of the requirement. Some of our services include:

Immigration: The law firm provides for assistance of various aspects of Immigration. Be it any reason, if a person wants to explore New Zealand for short term, long term or on permanent basis, we help you get visas and the proceedings. While understanding the purpose of your visit, we help you with all the major immigration formalities. The main is visa, various visas like: Work Visa, Resident Visa, Temporary Visa, Study Visa etc can be obtained.


Litigation: Providing for the efficient assistance to a wide range of clients, while understanding the nature of the problem be it property matters, constitutional matters, insolvency matters, commercial disputes etc, where both the parties cannot reach to a conclusion, Legal Associates is always there! Our team of lawyers has an extensive experience at all levels and has helped our clients to solve the problem since our inception.

Commercial And Property Law: The big transaction which involves a lot of money which is supposed to be studied and should be in context with government rules. We at Legal Associates assist you in the commercial and property sector before buying or selling a property. Our practical advice will help you to solve complex problems pertaining to it.

Estate and Will Planning: Nobody thinks about death. Life is an uncertain journey; a proper planning about the allotment of assets and liabilities (if any) is to be done in order to keep your loved ones safe and sound after your death. Legal Associates help you in planning your estate according to your wish and will execute after your death to your loved ones giving them the maximum of your wealth and minimum to government.

Family and Relationship Law: With relations being uncertain, breaking up of a relation is very painful. We at Legal Associates understand your problem and will help you get rid of the problem in the court of law with “in favour” justice. Whatever might be the reason, our professionals are efficient to solve any of your personal problem.

Employment Clauses: While understanding the employment clauses and rules laid down in constitution, Legal Associates helps the employers and employees to solve their problems and doubts. We help to maintain a healthy and sound working environment.

Taxation and Accounting: With vast and varied complex tax structure and issues, our experts provides for a full and comprehensive range of tax advices to business, corporate houses and anybody in need! Our guidance has proved to be effective among our clients.

About the Author: This article is written by Barrister and solicitor Raj Pardeep Singh. He is Principal with Legal Associates. After completing his graduation in Law from the University of Delhi, India in 1999, he completed his Law papers in New Zealand from University of Auckland and successfully accomplished his professional legal studies from Institute of Professional Legal Studies in Auckland. His areas of expertise are Immigration Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, Commercial Law. For More Information Please Visit :-


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