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Public Relations Nyc Firms Ask: What Does The Client Want?

Public Relations NYC Firms Ask: What does the client want?


Kevin Waddel

This business would be great if it werent for clients That quote and variations thereto has been ascribed to a top ad executive some years ago and can probably be applied to any business that relies heavily on human interaction such as public relations. Those of us who labor on the public relations NYC scene undoubtedly feel that way at times.


What are clients looking for from their New York City public relations firms? Todays clients are more demanding than ever before. From their public relations NYC firms, they want pragmatic, reliable, professional and extraordinarily well connected professionals, individuals who maintain working relationships with the local and overseas media as well as relationships with important analysts be they financial or industry. For public relations NYC executives to be truly successful, they need to have an insider\’s understanding of their clients industries. Not only that but the media is requiring public relations NYC professionals to understand their needs and not to waste their time.

How to judge success? At one point a successful program was judged by the volume of press clippings generated (before electronic retrieval / distribution, I suspected that clients weighed the clip books on a scale to determine how much to pay their public relations NYC firms). Today, the Public Relations NYC

firm must utilize every available method to communicate a company\’s story and meet a clients business objectives and communications goals. Press clippings and appearances on influential tv programs are fine; however, was the message delivered? Did the cash register ring? Were perceptions altered? In addition to generating media interest, public relations NYC firms can analyze the trends, recommend changes and resume the dialogue with important constituents.

Public relations NYC firms are placing a high value on the relationships with their clients and the media and work hard to ensure that these relationships thrive. In addition, the need to meet or exceed public relations goals has never been greater than it is today given the highly competitive world in which operate.

Public relations NYC practitioners have clearly evolved and now include expert teams of seasoned professionals that can handle every communications need, from social media to mainstream press, developing local, national and international public relations campaigns to audience-specific outreach efforts, connecting clients with key influencers, launching or repositioning products and services, media training, crisis management, and corporate communications including M&A (merger or acquisition) for your employees, investors and clients.

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