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Save Your Self Esteem Through Calorie Shifting For Effective Weight Loss

By Colin Lim

If you are one of the millions of people around the world that struggles with weight issues, I would bet that you have already tried at least one if not a number of weight loss programs only to either fail completely or not get the desired results due to any number of reasons. Failing at weight loss programs can have a very negative impact on a person’s self esteem and can be very destructive in the long run.

Not only have I experienced this personally, but I’ve also seen the huge negative impact on a number of friends who have also tried fervently to lose weight using any one of a number of popular weight loss programs that are popular in the market today.

Having weight issues already impacts the self-esteem. We unfortunately live in a world that places beautiful people on pedestals so those of us that suffer with weight loss issues can have fragile self-esteems at best. If we then try a weight loss program that promises great results, its easy for us to set our expectations high & dream of a time where weight isn’t a problem and we aren’t looked down upon by the ‘beautiful people’. But if we then do not get the results that we are expecting, that the program claims to be able to achieve for us, this can be a major blow to our self esteems, and many of us turn this feeling into destructive behaviour which often includes binge eating and the feeling that we will never be able to achieve a healthy body.


So what is the solution for us? Well, the simple answer is that we need to find a weight loss program that works for us. If we are actually able to lose the weight we want to lose, then this will be a huge positive impact on our self esteems and our life in general. Yes, it’s stating the obvious and you are most likely thinking, how do I do that? I’ve already tried! How does anyone do that with so many weight loss programs on the market today all claiming to be the best one and to have great results?

The answer, I believe, lies in finding a weight loss program that focuses on proven scientific facts about our bodies. A proven scientific fact is that our bodies will release two types of hormones every time you eat something: 1) Fat Burning Hormones or 2)Fat Storage Hormones. Depending what you eat and when will determine exactly how much of each hormone your body releases and obviously the more of one will determine whether your body will burn away the fat or store it as fat. A weight loss program that works will focus on the generation of more fat burning hormones and minimises fat storage hormones. If you are able to get your body to produce more of these natural fat burning hormones, then you will be able to lose weight and keep it off.

The key to producing more of these fat burning hormones is in what you eat and when you eat. The amazing fact is that, you do not have to eat less in order to produce more of these fat burning hormones – in fact a successful way of getting your body to produce more of these hormones and lose more weight is to eat more! Yes, the way to do this is through a method called calorie shifting.

Calorie shifting essentially manipulates your body to produce more fat burning hormones by eating different types of calories each day in different patterns. This will then force your body to generate more fat burning hormones resulting in faster weight loss. This is based on the fact that your metabolism doesn’t know how much food you’ll eat tomorrow or the next day because those days have not happened yet. It is because of this that your metabolism always burns calories based on your eating habits during the past few days, because it assumes that you’ll continue to eat in the same general way. But if you changed your eating program by shifting the types of calories eaten, then your body’s metabolism will burn all of those calories eaten, and when it finishes with those calories, it will burn any stored fat. This is also dependent on what you eat as you need to eat food that ‘fat burning compatible’. These are foods that are easy to burn and those force your body to look for other sources of calories to burn – your fat stores.

The most successful calorie shifting method is known as the ‘Idiot Proof Diet’. Whilst the diet name can sound a little offensive to some, it basically is called that as its easy to follow and works for everybody and there is no need for calorie counting nor label reading. It includes comprehensive menus so that you know exactly what types of foods to eat. It also tells you when to eat it. The diet plan constantly alternates your menu between every possible type of calorie, constantly shifting from one type of calorie to the next, ensuring that the scale keeps dropping.

Imagine what the impacts to your self esteem will be when you are able to follow a proven diet plan that will in fact help you lose weight fast and help you keep that weight off. Don’t imagine it, its time to take action and not only save your self esteem but in fact boost it. This will have a huge positive impact on your life.

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