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Why Stritch School Of Medicine Is Best?

Stritch School of Medicine received its charter in 1924. The mission of the school is to prepare students for professional training in general medical practice. It also aims to prepare students for specialization in pediatrics, geriatrics, obstetrics/gynecology, and women’s health. Since it was founded, Stritch School of Medicine has received many awards. These include the Stritch School of Medicine Distinguished Teaching Award, the Outstanding Leadership and Community Service Award, the Stritch School of Medicine Teacher of the Year, and the recipient of Stritch School of Medicine’s Outstanding Contributions to Healthcare Practice.

Admission Requirements for Stritch School of Medicine

Stritch School of Medicine accepts students who have completed high school education equivalent to at least a grade point average. c. Other requirements for admission are a high school diploma or its equivalent. Some schools may require additional courses like chemistry, biology, physics, and chemistry majors. Students must be prepared to submit letters of intent and letters of recommendation. Application packets and financial statements are also required.

Bachelor Degree Programs in this University

Stritch School of Medicine offers a combined Bachelor of Science in Health Science, focusing on studying medical areas. The Bachelor of Science program is an interdisciplinary program that prepares students to enter careers in medical research, practice, management, and educational administration. It also helps students develop their skills in leadership, planning, scheduling, finance, and marketing. The main areas of concentration in the Stritch School of Medicine program are clinical medicine, medical ethics, medical terminology, basic anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, statistics, and pediatrics. The Stritch School of Medicine also offers a premedical program in which students take courses to enter a medical college.

Undergraduate Degrees for Students

Stritch School of Medicine offers undergraduate degrees in medicine and medical history. Students interested in exploring career options in this field can pursue graduate studies in public health, nursing, business administration, criminal justice, and other health-related fields. The Master of Science degree program provides students with thorough knowledge in one or more medicine areas.

Certificate Programs

Stritch School of Medicine also offers certificate programs through the National Health Service Corps. Certificate programs are designed to train students to work in hospitals, clinics, and other health care facilities. These programs prepare students to work as receptionists, pharmacy technicians, doctors’ assistants, and laboratory workers. Stritch Schools also offers an Associate of Science in Health Care Management program for students who want to specialize in health care management. Students need to enroll in a two-year program if they want to pursue this degree.

Professional Degree Programs – Stritch School

Stritch School of Medicine offers two professional degree programs. Its Master in Health Services Degree Program trains students to become counselors in various healthcare settings. Its Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree trains students to become managers in various healthcare industries. Both programs help students achieve their professional goals.

Premedical Degree Programs

Stritch School of Medicine also offers an acclaimed premedical program. The Stritch Premedical Program is designed to prepare students for premedical positions in community-based care or hospital settings. In addition to premedical courses, students are taking the prerequisites for the program to take general education courses in business, management, biology, nutrition, and psychology. These programs prepare students for rewarding careers as nurses, dental assistants, chiropractors, or physicians.

Other Medical Education in this School

Stritch School of Medicine also offers student organizations and activities. The Stritch School of Nursing and Stritch School of Business offer student organizations that focus on community and campus-based social activities. Stritch School of Medicine also sponsors Stritch Film Festival to bring together local film professionals and students. The Stritch Film Festival screens movies and documentaries about Stritch School of Medicine, the nursing and pre-medical fields, and related fields. Other events include the Stritch International Writing Competition and Stritch Film Festival.